Here Are 5 Delicious Ways To Cook Chicken Pastel

Pastel is the original creamy chicken dish.

Pastel at one time was considered a fiesta dish. It was originally a pie encased in what looks to be an empanada dough but instead of it being formed into an empanada or pocket pie, the dough is rolled out big enough to place over a baking dish. This is then baked until the creamy chicken filling is piping hot and the crust wonderfully crisp and golden brown. 

This treatment of the chicken pastel sounds like it's an everyday creamy chicken dish that was poured into a pie dish and covered with a pie crust just to make it more festive. 

It actually sounds like the Pinoy version of the chicken pot pie! A chicken pot pie recipe is in fact quite similar to this crust-covered chicken pastel. It's got the same creamy chicken filling with vegetables plus a pie crust. While you can make this crust from prepared puff pastry, those with more time on their hands can make a similarly buttery pie crust from scratch or make a mashed potato topping that you can have on hand, from last night's leftovers of dinner or you can make this from scratch, too.  


The key here isn't so much that the pastel has to be a pie. What matters is that it's a delicious chicken stew, and it really is quite appetizing, especially when it's in pie form. If you're ready to see if you can handle this many delicious pastel recipes, here are five ways you can enjoy this creamy dish:   

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1 Chicken Pastel Recipe

This formerly "pang-handaan" dish is really quite easy to make! That may be why there are many easy versions out there. Because it is so delicious and only tasted when there's a celebration happening, the easy version removes the need for the homemade pie crust. Paired with hot steamed rice, it's still the same pastel you loved when you had it at a party.

To make this version even more special despite there being no need for it to be so, pineapples add flavor to this family recipe. Best of all, it takes only 35 minutes to make and serve. 

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2 Light Chicken Pastel Recipe 

Go traditional with this classic recipe that includes an easy and simple homemade pie crust. But what makes this a recipe unique is that it's not the creamy version you're familiar with. In this recipe, a tomato sauce is used instead of all-purpose cream to transform it from a cream filling into a light, flavored tomato version. You still get that fiesta-feel from the crust that this is made with, but we say, there's no need to go to the extra effort if you don't have the time. It's still going to be delicious!

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May 22, 2015

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3 Mini Chicken Pastel Pot Pie Recipe 

What we love about the pastel recipe is that it's a creamy chicken dish. You can make it even more delicious with a few tweaks to the recipe, and that's exactly what we did here. We swapped out the cream with another type of cream: cream of mushroom soup. The condensed soup infuses the entire creamy mixture with its mushroom flavor, giving it another element of tastefulness.

Don't worry, though! It's still creamy because of the evaporated milk added that helps thin out the condensed soup into a flavorful sauce. Plus, the puff pastry removes the need to make the crust from scratch but still retains the festive feel you get when this is served to you. (We think the crispy crust will win you over, too!)   

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4 Beef Pastel Recipe 

We know pastel should be made with chicken chunks but we think there's no reason why a beef version shouldn't be just as delicious and well-loved as the chicken. This recipe uses thin slices of beef so you don't have to take too long in tenderizing the beef in this beefy recipe. Best of all, top this with a hearty biscuit with queso de bola for that Pinoy flair we know you love seeing and tasting.  

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Aug 24, 2017

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6 Igado Pastel Recipe 

Igado recipes are chockful of pork liver along with the slivers of pork, peas, and bell pepper strips. So just imagine that salty, umami-rich mixture tucked into mini pies and you get this: an igado pastel. The buttery crust will soak up all that salty, adobo-like sauce for a flavorful bite. Trust that the crust is a magical flavor enhancer for all things savory and sweet, and you'll love that it encases this pork and liver stew to the best of its buttery abilities. 

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Apr 30, 2015

Whether you're hankering for some creamy chicken when you dig into your pastel or want something that is a twist on your usual recipe, the pastel dish is a great recipe to tweak. Its creamy sauce base is versatile enough to encourage you to toss in what you want in there. 

Boneless fish chunks and peeled shrimps with a creamy tomato sauce would work superbly well as a seafood version of the pastel. Maybe you want a meatier, heftier version instead so throwing in some tenderized beef chunks with bite-sized chunks of potatoes and carrots. Perhaps you've gone vegetarian for the day and want just hearty chunks of potatoes, carrots, water chestnuts, singakamas, peas, button mushrooms, or broccoli and cauliflower florets to be coated in the creamy sauce. 


There are so many possible creamy fillings to put into a pastel that we're surprised there aren't more creative versions out there.




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