Here Are Four Different Types Menudo Recipes You Can Make

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Menudo is a delicious pork, tomato, potato, and carrot stew that's slightly sweet and salty from the added soy sauce that gives it that characteristic darkened look. Just like there are many versions of adobo around the Philippines, there are many versions of menudo, too. So, someone has to ask: 

How do I make menudo? 

The first step is asking what meat are you using because that can determine what you're making. If you're curious how to make a different kind of menudo that's not typical, here are all the menudo recipes you will want to check out: 


1 Menudo Recipe 

You can't go wrong with a classic recipe, and this recipe creates the flavorful taste you're looking for in a stew: there are chunks of tender potatoes and carrots plus the requisite pork chunks that make this a meaty and deicious stew. 

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2 Chicken Menudo Recipe 

It shouldn't be surprising that there is a chicken version of menudo out there. After all, it's a universally loved meat! (Why else would there be so many fried chicken recipes, right?) By using chicken for this menudo recipe, you not only get the flavors that you may want in the typical pork stew but you also encourage and lure the kids into eating it, too, on the promise that it is chicken. 


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This menudo is the spicy version.
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3 Spicy Menudo Recipe 

It's really amazing how adding even just one ingredient to a recipe can change its flavor dramatically. That's what ingredients, even a tiny hot chili like the bird's eye chili or siling labuyo, can do! More than that, it can transform a dish from ordinary and every day to one that will have you piling on the steamed rice onto your plate just because the sauce the pork, potatoes, and carrots are swimming in is just so good! 


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4 Menudo Sulipena Recipe

If you think about how the menudo recipe came to be added to the Pinoy cuisine, it won't be surprising that it might have originated in Spain or even those other European countries it was influenced by. This may sound more like a kaldereta, with its bell peppers and use of oxtail instead of easy-to-find pork, but give it a chance to change your mind when you taste this unique menudo recipe version. Besides, it's even chunkier and meatier than your average menudo that the carnivores among you may be easily be swayed to loving this version. 



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Whether you're using a different type of meat (chicken, pork, or beef) or adding a unique ingredient to make it taste better and be more appetizing, there is a menudo recipe that you can be sure you can make a recipe that will suit your taste. 




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