All The Other Ways You Can Cook Monggo

The humble mung beans or monggo is the star of these tasty and hearty recipes.

There is more to monggo than the ginisang monggo recipes you love. 

Monggo, or mung beans, is a hearty bean that is commonly available, and yet, many of us do not use it for more than the typical soupy monggo recipe that we commonly eat every Friday.  

How do you use monggo in recipes? 

Monggo is actually very easy to cook. In fact, it’s much easier to cook mung beans than other dried beans. What it needs, however, is time. Since monggo is dried, you’ll need to let it cook it until tender.

What makes this great is that while the monggo is simmering and getting tender, you can add in and actually cook the other ingredients with it, too. 

The result? Delicious mung bean recipes that will make you forget that monggo is usually reserved for only Fridays. 

Here are those monggo recipes you should try: 

The monggo, potatoes, and carrots create a chunky soup that’s perfect with the salty Spam.
Photo by Patrick Martires

1 Monggo With Spam Recipe 

It’s sometimes hard for some to let go of meat so this delicious recipe is the guisadong monggo recipe made into a thick, hearty chowder-like meal. You’ll want to eat this on its own or with crackers on the side. 

Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Ginataang Monggo Recipe 

Monggo can be made into dessert! The delicious flavors of coconut cream and sweetened monggo are what makes this an irresistible dessert. It’s the creamy pudding of Asia! 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 Herbed Pork and Mung Bean Patties Recipe

How can you go wrong when you combine pork and monggo? You can’t! What you can do is make it even better and faster to cook. With this ground pork recipe in mind, the flavors of pork are made more flavorful by the herbs that are stirred into the mix.   


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Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Fish Fillet on Sausage And Bean Stew Recipe 

If you love all things meaty, you’ll want to try this fish and sausage combo. Fish fillets are simply pan fried, but it’s the sausage and bean stew it’s served with that will make you rethink guisadong monggo recipes are boring. 


5 Chicken Rice and Beans Recipe 

The Mid-East is known for its liberal use of herbs and spices in its food, just like us. That region’s herbs and spices are different so if you’re curious how it may taste, this steamed chicken with beans and rice is going to make your meal flavorful and exciting with its spices.  

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

6 Creamy Munggo and Tuyo Rice Recipe 

Anyone who loves risotto will love this Filipino take on that Italian rice dish! You still get the creaminess of risotto but it’s the flavors that make it different and familiar. Monggo is added to the rice mixture for more heft while the tuyo lends its powerful smokey fish flavor to the overall dish. This isn’t your usual tuyo rice

7 Munggo Fried Rice Recipe

If the risotto-style rice recipe is too complicated and you want to go simpler with your next all-in-one rice meal but love the idea of monggo and rice, this recipe should do the trick. 

There are many ways to make your Munggo Friday delicious and hearty. However, you don’t need to be stuck with the same recipes, week in and week out! These recipes are delicious, flavorful, and makes creative use of the humble munggo. Try one! We think you may once again look forward to Fridays with more anticipation than ever. 


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