Here Are Alternative "Steaks" To Cook For Valentine's Day

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It's hard to find the steak when everyone else is also looking for the right cut for their budget. When steak made from beef is the most sought-after meat cut at your favorite meat shop, you might find that you're left with cuts beyond your price range. 

If you can't find steak to cook for your SO for your special date, why not surprise him or her with a unique kind of steak that will nonetheless express your love language at its best? You can make steak recipes made from alternative ingredients that are not beef that can still deliver deliciousness on your special night. Here are recipes you can make for a "steak dinner" that is delicious and unforgettable:  

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1 Pan-Fried Pork Steak Recipe 

There was a time when pork was the budget-friendly meat option. That isn't the case anymore because the price of pork has risen to a point that it's just as expensive as beef! That makes pork just as special to cook on a special day. Treat it well and season it right, just like you would a beef steak, and you are on your way to serving a delicious meal that is worthy of any date night. 

This recipe uses garlic and rosemary toasted and made aromatic in melted butter as the main ingredients to make the pork steak taste sublime. Want a sauce? Try a spicy sauce that was named for its devilish heat! 

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2 Grilled Pork Steak Recipe with Chimichurri Sauce 

A great steak can hold its own, by itself, with little more than salt to make it delicious. This doesn't mean it needs to be left plain. Any steak, including a pork steak, can be made better with a fantastic and flavorful sauce to pair with it. Choose between a black pepper sauce that you can brush all over it before serving or serve this pretty green sauce made of herbs and aromatics on the side or drizzled over the sliced meat. 


3 Sizzling Salibury Steak Recipe 

Not everyone is a fan of steak and for those who love their burgers, this is one recipe that will delight them. The Salisbury steak is a hefty patty of ground beef seasoned to perfection and slathered with a rich and savory mushroom gravy. If you love burger steak, make it from scratch to bring home the idea that your date is special enough to exert the effort. 

You can even make it with juicy ground pork, too! 

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4 Fish Steak Recipe With Lemon Garlic Butter 

It's not every day that you can enjoy a big piece of fish! For a special occasion, you may want to go out of your way and find a gorgeous slice of fish to cook instead. Fish such as salmon, kingfish or king mackerel, swordfish, blue marlin, or even tanigue can be made special if you give it the royal treatment: cook it in lots of butter with garlic and lemons. 

You can even go Filipino-style and cook with bagoong and gata if desired or make it fancier with a fresh orange salsa on the side. 

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5 Crunchy Tofu Steak Recipe With Mushrooms

Tofu may not sound special but for those who are avoiding meat, this is the kind of steak that they will definitely eat. Go heavy on the breadcrumbs so that you ensure every bite of tofu is crunchy and will absorb the savory and umami-packed mushroom sauce that you'll pour over the dish tableside. No need to find a fine-dining resto to make anyone feel special. 

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6 Roasted Cauliflower Recipe 

It wasn't so long ago that the cauliflower was the "in" food. It made the rounds of special foodies everywhere because it was touted as the new "rice" substitute. It was also made into various dishes because it was the substitute ingredient in many meat-centric recipes. 

If you are committed to eating more veggies, this is one recipe to try: cauliflower steak. The key to making this vegetable appetizing and totally delicious is the herbs and spices that you will baste the cauliflower with as it roasts in the oven. The browned tops also become so irresistible, you'll reach for that knife and fork eagerly to give it a taste. 

Try it cooked in other ways too that coat the cauliflower in delicious flavors such as cheese, a crispy batter, or even buffalo sauce! (Just swap the broccoli with cauliflower!)

What kind of steak are you going to treat your special someone for dinner? 



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