Here's How You Can Make Your Tinola Different Every Time

You don't have to make tinola the traditional way to enjoy it.

A tinola recipe, at its most basic, is a chicken ginger soup with green papaya and malunggay leaves. It's a heartwarming dish that many make and serve during the cooler months to warm up but also serve as an everyday meal because it's just that good. 

The simplicity of the tinola recipe is what makes it so popular and so easy to make every day. You really only need four main ingredients: chicken, ginger, green papaya or sayote (which many use as the more accessible vegetable instead of the sometimes hard-to-find green papaya), and malunggay leaves. Some substitute the malunggay leaves when it's not available for dahon ng sili, as well. 

Whichever ingredient you choose to use as a substitute for your tinola recipe, it's not the only thing you can change to make it better. 

Here are four more ways to enjoy the flavors of the tinola recipe that isn't your typical tinola recipe at all:

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1 Tinola Paella Recipe 

It's one thing to love sabaw and pour it all over your plate of rice until it's swimming in a pool of the flavorful broth. It's another to use that same flavorful broth and use it to make an incredibly delicious rice meal with it. In this recipe, the tinola is made dry by using the broth to not only cook the other ingredients but to also get absorbed by the rice as it cooks. The result is a one-pan dish. 


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2 Tinola Manok Sa Gata Recipe 

Tinola is usually served as a soupy dish and even with the delicious addition of coconut milk, or gata, to the dish, it can stay soupy if the dish has enough enough water. Not this recipe. The addition of gata transforms the dish from a soupy one to a saucy one instead. This is perfect for those who don't need to get warmed up but still want to enjoy the flavors of a creamy tinola recipe. 


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3  Baked Chicken Tinola Recipe 

This twist requires an oven but we think this twist to the tinola recipe will be worth it, especially if you love fried chicken and the chicken and ginger combo. Ground spices and finely grated aromatics make this baked chicken different from others like it. Plus, unlike the traditional tinola, this sports a crispy and crunchy coating that you can only get if it's been breaded. For anyone who loves fried chicken, this version mimicking the taste of tinola will fall in love with this just as fast.    


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4 Pork Tinola Recipe 

If you're of the mind that you don't want to deviate too far from the original recipe but still enjoy a change, this easy and simple meat swap will do the trick. Instead of chicken, use large chunks of pork instead. This will not only give your tinola recipe a different savory flavor but renew your love for a pork and ginger recipe that's familiar yet still different. 


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May 16, 2017

There are many ways you can get creative in the kitchen and recreating a dish into something different from what it is usually is a fun endeavor to tackle. We have come up with at least four ways to make your typical tinola recipe different and in a way, more exciting to eat again. How would you remake the tinola to be something yet still incredibly delicious? 

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