Dinner #Goals to Inspire Your Next Home Cooked Meal

When it comes to weeknight home cooked meals, pantry staples are best.

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Every once in a while, every home cook out there needs a little push to keep cooking. Meals made on your own have the advantage of being healthier, more economical, and tastier, too! These home cooked dinners are nothing fancy: when cooking in your own kitchen, pantry staples are best.




You can make a quick and easy beef bulgogi with only a few ingredients!




When cooking for family, everyone will love Filipino classics. Look at this thick sinigang with tender pork belly! 




Pantry pastas are life savers: use fresh produce like tomatoes to make something quick, simple, and tasty. 



A proper mise en place (food prep) like this one is what every home cook’s countertop should look like! This may not exactly be a dinner, but these are still #goals worth going for.





This is how to keep dinner simple: a mix of protein, greens, and carbs plus lots of flavorful sauces.




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