Turn Dinner Into Lunch With These Irresistible Recipe Combos!

You don't need to eat out for easy, tasty lunches.

There will always come a day when you're too tired or busy to make lunch. Whether it’s the day before a big meeting at work or avoiding fast food, bringing your own baon is a practical and delicious problem solver. Prepping can take time though which might be stopping you. We have a hack you should try.

To make things more efficient, it's good practice to learn how to turn last night’s dinner into today’s baon! This will save you tons of prep time and maybe you’ll get to squeeze in a few more sleeping hours in the morning.


1 Use Beef Sukiyaki-cuts for a Cheesesteak Sandwich

Sukiyaki-cut cooks so quickly that all you really need is to dunk it in boiling water and it's cooked. What you get is the beefiest, most satisfying baon. With a bread roll, sautéed onions, pepper and lots of cheese, you’ve totally changed up dinner into something new for lunch the next day.

Sukiyaki-cut beef is super thin and cooks in minutes.

Cheesy and beefy! No wonder this sandwich is so popular.


2 Turn Roast Chicken into Chicken Caesar Salad

Whether you make your own roast chicken or buy it, any leftovers can go into tomorrow’s salad. The much-needed protein will bulk up your salad. We suggest you try turning it into a Chicken Caesar Salad but you can also turn it into a Caesar salad sandwich if you want the carbs!

Make a quick sandwich with a panini press!

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Create your own Caesar Salad dressing at home!

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This version uses ingredients that are easy to find in the supermarket.

This isn't your regular roast chicken recipe!


3 Transform Spaghetti Meatballs into a Meatball Sub

Spaghetti is that one dish that makes it both to special event buffets and daily meals—it’s that good! Stuff a French bread portion or a baguette, and you can instantly transform extra meatballs from last night's spaghetti into something else: a hearty and hefty meatball sub with extra spaghetti sauce on the side to pour over it. Yum! 

Learn how to make classic spaghetti and meatballs!

To make sure the spaghetti doesn't get soggy by lunchtime, pack the pasta and sauce in different containers.


4 Roll Nacho Night into a Burrito

If you don't hold a nacho night at home, you may want to start the tradition. If you’ve ever felt bitin eating nachos while eating out, you will surely get your fill at home! Not only that, while you're having a satisfying nacho night with all the nacho cheese, salsa, ground beef, and jalapeño slices you want, any that's leftover can be turned into a burrito the next day by simply rolling all those ingredients up in a leftover tortilla with some leftover brown rice.  

This beef burrito recipe has lots of cilantro rice and refried beans!

This Filipino salad recipe is full of flavor: a vibrant salsa, crunchy nachos, and tasty inasal.

Photo by Riell Santos

5 Spice Up Arroz Ala Cubana into Chili Con Carne


Transforming simple ground beef is super easy! With your meat already cooked, all there's left to do is spice it up and simmer into a super flavorful baon idea you can pair with rice, bread, or even crackers for a merienda snack idea. We particularly love putting chili con carne into our lunchbox because it's so rich in flavor that it's good whether hot or cold.  

Cooking tip: Strain the ground beef after sautéeing to remove most of the fat.

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This easy chili con carne recipe has all the ingredients you need to make a comforting bowl.

Do you have other time-saving baon tricks? Tell us about it!


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Look at your dinner with new eyes: you can make something new for tomorrow's lunch box.

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These baon ideas are simple yet tasty. The kids can help you pack, too!

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