This Party Cooking Tip Will Save Your Sanity

You don't need the added stress.

Christmas is a great time to destress but we don’t always get the time to do it. When you do get to do it, it’s usually at the many parties you are invited to attend or want to host. 

The main thing about hosting parties or attending one is that many are potluck parties. Potluck parties are a fantastic way to remove some of the duties from the host onto the dinner guests. It’s a collaborative thing because everyone brings a dish that contributes to the buffet fare. 

However, even just attending a party can be stressful if you’re obliged to bring a dish to the party, even more so if you’re the one hosting the party. Hosting is particularly stressful since you’re in charge of the venue as well as some of the food. 

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Don’t worry though. Whether you’re hosting the potluck party or attending one, there is one advice that can save your sanity if you’re making something from scratch: 


Keep it simple but flavorful.

This applies to both roles, whether as a host or a guest, and the great thing about being a guest is that you don’t have to bring anything fancy and complicated unless you want to.

If you’re cooking a dish, keeping it simple means you can do something as simple as a dish that you can make with your eyes closed but making sure it’s flavorful. This dish can be a family recipe, your favorite cupcake recipe that you make every year, or even a dish that you make every day but with a little something special to make it worthy of a party. 

This is what will make your dish a winner. Nobody likes a dish that is lacking flavor but even more than that, nobody likes a dish that you’re not confident to serve

For those who are hosting the potluck party, you may need a little bit more help so you’re not overwhelmed. For you, here are two sanity-saving tips you will need to keep in mind:  

Photo by Riell Santos

1 Make only 2 dishes. 

When you limit yourself to fewer dishes, you’re not overwhelmed with the sheer number of things you need to do to make each dish. You can focus on those two dishes so you’re not in a rush to do accomplish what you need to do. Since you are focused on these dishes, you can do one more thing to make your offering to the buffet table a success:  


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2 Make those 2 dishes great.  

No matter how fabulous the party, everyone remembers the food, especially the dish that was so irresistibly delicious that they were going back for seconds or even thirds. That’s why when you choose your dishes, pick dishes that you know will wow your friends but won’t mess up your world when you attempt to make it for the party. 

How do you make a dish great? 

What you can do is make an everyday recipe special by doing something different to it. Use a more flavorful ingredient. Add an extra but surprising ingredient or two that will make it extra delicious. You can even cut your ingredients a certain way to make it look extra neat. Any of these tips can make your dish special. 

Remember that it doesn’t need to be complicated; it just needs to be a dish that you can make and you know you can make delicious. 

Once you pin down what those dishes are, you’re set. Time to cook and make your party the potluck party to remember. 


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