Delicious Dishes You Can Make with Your Turbo Broiler

Ovens need not apply.


Even with all this hubub about baking and roasting being integral to every good cook's repertoire of skills, we have to acknowledge that not everyone has access to an oven. For many, access to an oven is a luxury. 


Enter the turbo broiler. The retro kitchen gadget is a bit of a mainstay in many Filipino househoulds, and functions as a portable and energy-efficient oven of sorts. To help you get started on your turbo broiling escapades, we've put together a list of a handful of recipes that we think will be extra-tasty, whether baked in an oven or roasted to perfection in your turbo broiler.





Anisado Roast Chicken

Wrapped and roasted in banana leaves, this roast chicken boasts a uniquely robust and hearty flavor.





Chili-Honey Glazed Lechon Kawali

 This sticky and sweet pork dish hits the spot when you're hungry, and it also packs quite a punch!




Chocolate-Espresso Lava Cake 

No oven? You can bake these lava cakes in the toaster oven or turbo broiler!


Home-Style Bagnet 


Turbo broilers also make for a healthy alternative to deep-frying, achieving crisp, golden brown deliciousness without the need of loads of extra oil or grease!


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