6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying An Expensive Stand Mixer

It depends on what kind of baker you are.

There’s no doubt about it that those fancy, expensive stand mixers ranging from P24,000 and up are gorgeous and super handy. That shiny enamel coat calls out to you each time you see it. Whether or not you should buy an expensive mixer depends on your personal need, though. There just might be a better mixer fitted for you.

To help steer you in the best direction, ask yourself which kind of baker you are plus we give you our recommendation about whether you really do need that gorgeous stand mixer.

What kind of baker are you?

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1 Do you bake anything from scratch?

You don’t need a mixer for packaged mixes. You can also bake a few recipes without a mixer. With enough elbow grease, you can even whip up a meringue or whip butter, all without a mixer.

All you need is a good whisk that doesn’t fall apart, so we recommend this: splurge on a good whisk. A good whisk is a whisk that looks durable, has many tines, feels comfortable gripped in your hands, and is flexible enough to be able to whisk air into a mixture as light as egg whites. Plus, it’s not just for baking after all. You’ll find plenty of uses for it for cooking, too. We suggest you buy a steel one which you could use for cooking hot soup and it’s also easy to clean.


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2 Do you want to have more baking options?

Perhaps you’re a step above making packaged mixes but don’t want to make overly complicated recipes. If this is you, a standard hand mixer will do since it’s good for almost anything. This will allow you to make meringue faster, make a chiffon cake, whip buttercream until light and airy, and tons of other fun baking stuff. You can buy the affordable hand mixers which can be almost the same price as a wire whisk, but we prefer you spend a little more to get something that won’t easily overheat while you’re using it.

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3 Is baking is your hobby?

If baking occupies your weekends, then you might be finding it difficult to make Italian buttercream and marshmallow with just a hand mixer. These recipes call for a bubbling hot syrup to be poured slowly into your mixture while simultaneously whipping. Unless you’ve got a willing friend every time you’re baking, this could be a nightmare to do both at the same time.


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If you find you need more than just your two hands while baking, it’s time to switch to a stand mixer that can hold the bowl while it’s whipping, so you can concentrate on gently adding scalding syrup without scalding yourself.

However, if you’re worried about shelling out a fortune, you can find affordable options that won’t cost you too much. Investing somewhere around five to ten thousand pesos for a stand mixer will last you a good few years of use. Take note, though, that you get what you pay for. Make sure your stand mixer can stand a full day of work by giving it breaks. Before buying, also check the attachments included. This will often include the standard whisk and dough hook, but if you want a paddle, not all brands will include it in their basic product.

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4 Do you love making bread?

You can make an occasional loaf of bread with your standard stand mixer with a dough hook attachment; however, if you make a lot of bread, you might want to start investing. Beating dough takes a lot of power and takes more than a few minutes. This can lead to overheating your mixer. If you love making bread, then perhaps it’s time to invest in a good, hardy mixer.


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5 Are you starting a food business?

If you’re starting a food business, you’ll be working your mixer to the bone. You’ll want a durable stand mixer that can keep up with you. This is certainly the time to invest. You don’t want your mixer suddenly giving up on you when you’ve got dozens, even hundreds of cupcakes to make.

Another thing is that more expensive mixers can oftentimes do the job quicker because of better design. This means it has to exert effort for a shorter amount of time–which is also good if you’re trying to meet deadlines. In this instance, the investment is worth it!

6 Do you want a mixer to pass down to your kids?

Even whisks come undone after a while. A reliable stand mixer with a good warranty though can stand the test of time. If you can afford a durable stand mixer from a reliable brand­­–meaning the company can back-up that lifetime warranty claim without closing down in the future–then you have something to pass on to your kids.

If you’re figured out what kind of baking equipment we recommend for you and you still just want that gorgeous but expensive stand mixer anyway, here are a few points remember when investing in a stand mixer:

1 Think long-term service.

You don’t have to be limited by any one brand. KitchenAid, Kenwood, Bosch, Breville, Cusinart and other noted brands are also well-known brands for stand mixers. The advantage of getting a KitchenAid, however, is that they have more service centers in the Philippines to attend to your warranty claims or other needs. This is also why, even though it’s more expensive, it’s a good idea to buy certain electronics locally rather than through your friend or relative abroad. If in case your gadget needs repairing, you’ll need parts and the right service center. If you bought yours abroad, it can be extremely expensive or just impossible to repair.

2 Are the extra features worth it?

Many stand mixers offer a lot of other features that will let you use it for more than just desserts such as a juicer or a pasta maker. Some mixers even have a heating or cooling function that lets you melt butter or make ice cream right in the bowl! There are mixers with blender attachments, too. We can go on and on because there are many, many options that could be really tempting when you’re out shopping for that perfect stand mixer. 


Ask yourself though: do you really need these extra features? If you’re not going to use any of these extras despite it being included in the base unit, you’ll still be paying for them. You are going to save money if you find a more basic unit. If you are using them, however, it might be a great idea as that will mean fewer appliances you’ll have to clutter your kitchen.

Whether you want to continue with your current baking equipment or feel the need to upgrade it, we’ll be with you all the way with some deliciously awesome recipes to get you extra inspired to bake.


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