These Easy Pasta Recipes Only Need 5 Ingredients Or Less!

These recipes prove pasta can be even easier to make!

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Everyone knows that pasta recipes are some of the easiest recipes to make. Fortunately, you don't need to sacrifice flavor even if you limit yourself to only five ingredients. There are many ways to develop flavor! However, you do still need to have the basic tools to begin to develop those flavors. After all, salt just tastes salty if it has no other ingredient to enhance and make taste better. That's why when it comes to creating flavor, it's the other ingredients that are an integral part in doing that. 

When you limit the number of ingredients you are working with to just 5 other ingredients apart from the basic necessities (i.e. salt, ground black pepper, oil or butter, water, and of course, the pasta) you need something to make that taste good even if that ingredient is negligible. 

Enter garlic. Even if the only other ingredient you add to the pasta dish is garlic, you have something that will taste great. There is a reason why the aglio olio or garlic oil pasta is one of the most basic pasta recipes! Even on its own, its simplicity is a meal in itself. 


This simplicity is where you can become creative in the kitchen. With the basic ingredients to cook a garlic oil pasta, the addition of other ingredients multiplies the flavor possibilities you can create. Here are pasta flavor pairing ideas on how you can take that garlic pasta and make it delicious with just a few more ingredients: 

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1 Olive and Tuna Pasta Recipe


Even the most basic of pasta can get some help in the flavor department. Here, some brined olive slices, earthy pimento strips, and a can of flaked tuna gives an otherwise boring garlic oil pasta a much-needed flavor boost.    

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2 Ricotta and Olive Pasta Recipe

Olives can hold its own flavor when mixed with garlic in pasta. Here, creamy ricotta cheese uplifts the texture of this pasta to one that's creamy as well as salty briny from a bite of the olives.    


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3 Creamy Tinapang Bangus Pasta Recipe  

Preserved fish is usually much frowned upon, especially when its aromas wafted unappetizingly in the air and stays there. However, no one can deny that flakes of tinapang bangus can be the super flavor that can transform an ordinary pasta into one that's makes this pasta taste smoky, briny, and addictively delicious. 


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4 Tuyo Pasta Recipe 

Salted sun-dried fish or tuyo have an intense salty-umami flavor that's great when added to pasta. It can be so intense that the brightening flavors of the lemon juice that's squeezed over the pasta is a welcome flavor!      

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5 Garlic Pasta with Spanish Sardines Recipe 


Fish might just be the pasta ingredient pairing that can never grow old! Here, a bottle of Spanish-style prepared sardines are mashed and tossed with a simple garlic oil pasta. Breadcrumbs give this pasta dish a welcome crunch that is delicious. 

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6 Seafood Pasta Recipe 

Also known as Pasta Vongole, this seafood pasta is really just garlic-sauteed clams tossed with spaghetti. To give this seemingly super simple recipe additional flavor, some white wine covers up any fishiness the clams may have while some heat in the form of red chili flakes makes each bite that much more interesting.    


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7 Pasta with Chicken, Garlic, and Basil Recipe 

Roasted chicken really is one of the best ways to create instant meals. Let that leftover chicken be recreated into something that will be consumed more heartily. We offer this simple pasta recipe that uses up that chicken and makes it the star of this dish.  


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8 Mushroom and Pesto Pasta Recipe

Mushrooms and pesto don't always go together but for this recipe, you will be glad these two ingredients cross each other's paths! Bright and fresh pesto gives the earthy mushrooms a run for its flavorful money in this creamy pasta dish. Each ingredient enhances the flavor of the other beautifully.


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9 Salted Egg and Tomato Pasta Recipe 

Who would have thought that an egg could be so versatile and delicious in so many different ways? The formerly humble itlog na maalat or itlog na pula, globally known as the salted duck egg, in this case, is magnificently showcased in a pasta dish. 


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10 Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta Recipe

How can you go wrong when you have a super creamy tomato pasta in your plate? We say you can't, especially when that pasta only needed 5 ingredients to make it! This intensely creamy pasta gets a boost in creaminess from the milky bechamel sauce made with evaporated milk. If you think that evaporated milk is only for dessert, you need to try this to believe it's the next best thing to fresh milk.     


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Pasta can be a complicated dish to make but it doesn't have to be. In fact, many dishes don't need to be complicated for it to be super appetizing and packed with flavor. All you really need is the know-how to make it taste fantastic and sometimes, just a few ingredients is all it takes. 


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