Easy Breakfast Recipes To Get You Through The Week

All these recipes take 30 minutes or even less!
scrambled eggs on a white plate
Imagine pefectly-cooked scrambled eggs, but with Yakult.

Breakfast will always be that meal of the day that forces you out of the comfort of your bed and into the kitchen. It can be as simple a meal as you like such as plain pandesal with prepared spreads or a spread made from last night’s meal.   

The first meal of the day doesn’t need to be complex but it can be easy yet still taste delicious. Here are ideas to try to make your mornings less hassle and easier to make every day this week: 

1 Monday: Speedy French Toast Recipe = 15 minutes

French toast is the perfect way of using up stale bread to make into a meal without much hassle. All you need are eggs, a little seasoning, and a little time to fry it up in the pan. Then just serve with pancake syrup and breakfast is served! You can do the same thing with stale ensaymadas, too! Want to jazz up the bread? Spread on the chocolate spread and top with sliced bananas. 

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

2 Tuesday: Creamy Scrambled Eggs Recipe = 10 minutes

Sometimes a simple meal is all you need to get going in the morning. This scrambled egg recipe is creamy, but if you always fear that your eggs will become dried up and tough, there’s a trick to making scrambled eggs this creamy. Best news is that it stays creamy, too, even if you overcook it a little.

In this video of J. Kenji Lopez-Alt making creamy scrambled eggs, he shows you a few tips: 

  • 1 Add chopped butter and salt to the beaten eggs.
  • 2 Use a silicone spatula and a nonstick pan. 
  • 3 Don’t cook in too hot a pan. 
  • 4 Add a slurry to the eggs. 

You might be wondering why a slurry or a mixture of starch and water would make a difference in scrambled eggs. The trick is that the starch mixture (You can use potato starch, tapioca or cassava starch, or cornstarch.) will gel and create that creaminess that you want. 


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Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Wednesday: Chicken Torta Recipe = 25 minutes

Leftover meats make great ingredients. That’s why for the torta that you’ll enjoy this morning, the main ingredient can be from the meal you had the night before! Just toss in some vegetables you have on hand to bulk up the frittata together with the leftover chicken, and heat it up altogether in a pan. Beat eggs, pour it in, and let it cook until set. Easy!  

Photo by Majoy Siason

4 Thursday: Pork Tapa Recipe = 25 minutes

A quick tapa is easy to make. The marinade is already tasty so it’s just a matter of letting it flavor your meat overnight or even as few as 15 minutes. The trick to super tender meat when you use pork or even beef is to cook it quickly so it cooks just right. You can achieve this better when the meat is sliced thinly so it really just takes seconds in a super hot pan to cook it all fast. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

5 Friday: Ginisang Sardinas Recipe = 20 minutes

Try this easy sardine recipe that is flavorful and has a secret ingredient, so doesn’t taste fishy at all. 

Photo by Charlie Altomonte

6 Saturday: Cake Batter Pancakes Recipe = 15 minutes

Cake mixes are usually what you turn to when making cakes. However, when you have a box or two that you haven’t made into a cake yet, why not use it for turning breakfast into a much more delicious and flavorful meal? You can transform that cake into pancakes instead! 

7 Sunday: Tapa Breakfast Burrito Recipe = 30 minutes

Sundays are the perfect days to get everyone involved in making the meals. That’s why it’s a great idea to make it fun, too. This tapa breakfast burrito is fun to put together. You can get help getting everyone tossing and frying the ingredients before it’s time to assemble. Just arrange everything in order to make it easy to roll it all up in the tortillas. You can even make an easy tortilla recipe, too! 


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