All The Things You Can Make With Canned Corn

You can create delicious dishes using this humble can of corn.

Are you looking for more ways to use your canned goods? If you're tired of the same old dishes, you need some inspiration to get your cooking life back on track! 

Ingredients are one of the best ways to get encouraged to make something delicious. Since you already have the ingredient available, thinking of ways or even new ways to use it can be the catalyst you need! 

A humble can of sweet corn kernels can be that ingredient! You don't need to resort to settling with just using it for making bulalo or nilaga, or even for a simple buttered corn recipe. Instead, why not look through these recipes that celebrate that versatile can for ways you can be inspired in the kitchen again: 

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1 Malunggay and Corn Soup Recipe 

When it comes to canned corn, there is nothing better than a simple preparation because the corn is naturally sweet and thus, tasty even without trying. This soup is a great example of a recipe that takes the ingredients and makes it taste even better together with minimal effort. Make it an egg drop soup and you've got an even more fulfilling meal that's boosted with some protein from the egg. Delicious! 

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2 Sweet Corn Fritters Recipe   

Have you ever bought too much of an ingredient only to discover that you don't know what else to do with it? That's how many feel about the humble parsley and other herbs. Turn to this recipe instead if you want to take care of that bunch of parsley and see how you can make a meal tastier and better with a handful of those green leaves added to the mix. It's just a simple batter made of rice flour and all-purpose flour seasoned well and you've got a great snack that isn't too sugary-sweet like other merienda fare. 


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3 Pork Chops with Corn Recipe  

What can you pair with corn? Pork chops are an easy answer to the meatiness that's missing from a meal that's just served with corn! In this recipe, the pork chops are simply seasoned with some dried sage, salt, and ground pepper while the corn gets a more flavorful treatment. Some orange zest adds tangy citrus notes to the otherwise simple buttered corn and pimento mix.   

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4 Grilled Corn Chowder Recipe 

We know you can't really grill corn that's been shucked off the ears but you can char the kernels on the stovetop in a frying pan. All you have to do is fry the corn in oil until browned in spots. Easy charred corn! Now you can make a faux grilled corn chowder that's hearty and delicious which might just hit the right spots of your hunger. Chuck in some potatoes, chicken, or even some bacon, too, for extra flavor if you have it!  


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5 Spinach, Ham, and Corn Frittata Recipe

A frittata is nothing more than a fluffy omelet that's been loaded with ingredients. This version uses spinach or kangkong leaves, ham, and canned corn added to the fluffy egg and bread mixture. Oh and did we mention that this is also loaded with cheese? 

If there are any who don't like the sound of these ingredients tossed in together into one delicious breakfast dish, we're not sure what will! 

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6 Corn Puto Recipe 

Puto will always be a well-loved steamed rice cake. It's an easy recipe to make and doesn't require an oven to bake. The popular cheese puto is a winning recipe but why not add in some corn for a different take on the puto? These are still fluffy, sweet, and savory at the same time without taking away anything from the original idea of this popular steamed rice cake. You can even make other flavored puto recipes, too, if corn isn't your first choice.   

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7 Ginisang Mais Recipe 

Also known as suam na mais, this version uses canned corn so it's not as soupy a dish as the corn soup that you may be more familiar with. It's stir-fried but that's the beauty of this recipe. It allows not just the corn to be a star, but it's also still as delicious and flavorful as the original should be. Since fresh corn isn't in your kitchen, this is the next best thing. 

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8 Ginataang Mais Recipe 

Corn and rice isn't an unusual combination so when it looks like it's a creamy porridge is dotted with corn, you may be wondering if it tastes as good as it looks! For this porridge, it's basically a rice lugaw that's definitely going to be sweet. Instead of chicken broth, this uses coconut milk as the main liquid for the rice to become tender before the canned sweet corn kernels are stirred into the mixture and topped with sweetened condensed milk. Can you resist that? 

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9 Homemade Chicken Balls and Corn Sopas Recipe 

Sopas or the iconic and super comforting macaroni soup is one of the easiest and tastiest soup recipes you can make. The ingredients are simple and easy to get and the wonderfully warm feeling you get from clutching a bowl as you eat it is a target straight to your nostalgic childhood. While you can certainly make soaps the classic way, why not level it up and make this elevated version that will stil hit all the flavors you want plus a few more? 

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10 Creamy Cheesy Spaghetti with Chicken, Corn, and Mushrooms Recipe

If you are an ambitious cook, you may want to make this spaghetti that's fit for a crowd! This creamy spaghetti is loaded and we don't just mean it's got lots of ingredients. It's also got flavors that mingle well together, creating a pasta dish that is incredibly irresistible. Plus, this is one pasta recipe that uses your canned food to its fullest potential and delivers on creating a satisfying and fulfilling meal.   

What other ways can you think of to use with a can of sweet kernel corn? Share your dishes with us and you may just find your recipe featured. 


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