You Have to Try This Easy Chapati Recipe

The younger of The Fabulous Baker Brothers teaches us how to make flatbread, a classic curry accompaniment.


When Fabulous Baker Brothers Tom and Henry Herbert visited Manila, we had a quick chat with them and they gave us a handful of smart tips on how to prep quick weekday dinners. Here’s Henry’s take on wholemeal chapati flatbreads:

Every night for me is like “ready, steady, cook.” So it’s, “What’s in the fridge? The wife wants to eat in half an hour, the baby’s in bed. Go!”


We have quite a hectic life, so we’re not very good at planning. When I’ve just got thirty minutes to cook, I love curries. Whether it’s a dhal or a big fish curry, you can get loads of flavor in there, it’s really healthy, but it’s still store cupboard stuff. A tin of coconut milk, some tomatoes, stuff in the freezer.

I don’t mind rice, but I’m really bad at cooking it. I always just end up overcooking it or burning it and forgetting about it. I always just make chapatis. It’s just wholemeal flour, water, a pinch of salt.

All you have to do is mix everything up, roll out your chapatis, and apply a bit of heat on a pan or griddle. I think it’s so much nicer that, while your curry is bubbling away, you can make your chapatis. You can do it in twenty minutes, easy. It’s quicker than calling for take-out and so much better.



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Photo by Riell Santos

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