This Is How You Can Make The Easiest Chicken Barbecue

Recipes for barbecued meat can vary from the sweet kind of pork barbecue we love as Filipinos to the tangy, mustardy version like the baby back pork ribs that originated in the southern United States. 

However, when it comes to any of these barbecue recipes, it's a long process that can involve hours of extensive work just to get super tender meat with sticky barbecue sauces.

The easiest kind of barbecue has to be made with chicken. It doesn't need to be tenderized since it already is once cooked and best of all, it's just as delicious as a barbecue as pork or beef would be. 

The chicken barbecue process, however, can also be long but we think it doesn't have to be. We have a great time-saving tip that just might be the easiest way to make a delicious chicken barbecue: 

You'll want to brush your freshly cooked barbecue with this delicious sauce!
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1 Choose your barbecue sauce. 

You can definitely make your own barbecue sauce. We highly recommend you try this all-around basic barbecue sauce recipe that you can tweak to be sweeter by adding more brown sugar, spicier by adding some ground cumin or paprika, tangier by using more vinegar, or even saltier if that's the kind you like. 

You can even just use premade barbecue sauce! You can also use barbecue marinades, Asian barbecue sauces (Hello, bulgogi!), or your own blend to make your chicken barbecue delicious.  


2 Reduce it.

Transfer the barbecue sauce to a large enough pot that can fit the sauce and some chicken pieces. Bring the sauce to a boil then lower the heat to a simmer. 

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Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Brown the chicken.

When it comes to chicken, great pieces to use would be the bone-in chicken pieces. Chicken wings would be fantastic since these are small enough to take less time to cook than whole chicken breast pieces. You can even use fillets of chicken, too. 

Whichever parts of the chicken you want to use, season each piece with salt generously then fry each chicken piece in hot oil. The trick here is to make sure that the skin browns, but it doesn't have to be cooked through just yet. (We'll get to that part in a bit.) 

Once all the skins on the chicken pieces have been browned on all sides, place these browned chicken to the side until all the chicken pieces are browned. 

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4 Toss in the chicken. 

Remember that pot with the simmering barbecue sauce? Time to use it. Place your browned chicken wings in the pot together with the sauce. Toss it together until each chicken piece has been coated well. Once that's done, jack up the heat and simmer that sauce down until the chicken has all cooked through and the barbecue sauce has been absorbed by the chicken.

You may notice the chicken has oozed its juices since it wasn't cooked through yet when you added it in, and this is fine. Those juices will make your chicken barbecue even better. 

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5 Reduce and serve. 

When the chicken is cooked through, you can remove the chicken. Simmer the remaining sauce even more until it's thickened again and use this to slather on your chicken when ready to serve. 

Want to make it even easier? You can skip frying the chicken and simmer the chicken until cooked through in the barbecue sauce instead! This might lead to a longer cooking time but it definitely skips a step that messes up another pan that you will have to wash. 

In any case, try this method of making an easy chicken barbecue. You can even toss these chicken pieces in an air fryer or a toaster oven to get charred just for that smokey flavor that you can only get when you grill over charcoals. Need more tips? Read on: 


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