WATCH: Easy Cooking Tips When Using Eggs

Be a better cook when using eggs in your recipes.

Eggs are the universal ingredient for many recipes. Whether you're baking or cooking, the egg is commonly used in both kinds of cooking. However, for the beginner cooks and bakers out there, there are still some tips that might help you be a better cook when it comes to using eggs in your recipe. 

1 Cold eggs are best for separating yolks from whites.

If you're baking and need just the whites or just the egg yolks, the best time to separate the two parts of the egg is when it's fresh from the refrigerator. That's because the egg yolk membrane is firmer when cold so it won't break as easily when you have to separate the two.

In fact, just to make your egg whites are yolk free, use your hands. It's the gentler way. Here's what you do: 

  1. 1. Prepare at least three bowls: one for the egg whites, one for the egg yolks, and the last one is for breaking the egg into. 
  2. 2. Crack the egg and then break it gently into one of the bowls.  
  3. 3. Using your fingers, gently scoop out the yolk and let the whites slip through your fingers. Wiggle your fingers if necessary. 
  4. 4. Place the separated yolk into the third bowl and repeat as needed.  
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2 When baking, always use large eggs.

Did you know that eggs come in small, medium, large, and extra large or jumbo sizes? They do and this matters when it comes to using the right-sized egg, especially for baking. Large eggs are the default size unless the recipe states otherwise. 


3 Use the freshest eggs for the best fried or poached eggs.

The best looking eggs are the eggs whose yolk looks bouncy and stands tall on a plate and the whites are look like gelatin and are  tightly attached to the yolk. These tight and firm egg yolks and whites will make these eggs look perfect when cooked.

4 When you need stiff peaks, use old egg whites.

Eggs do age and the older the eggs are, the less firm the yolks look and the whites separate from the yolks. These egg whites have loosened enough to actually turn into liquid. This is perfect for whipping up into meringue since these whip up better than fresh egg whites.

You can use egg whites as is or, if desired, to "age" egg whites, leave the eggs at room temperature for 1 day. 

5 Boil 6 minutes for soft-boiled eggs, 8 minutes for hard-boiled.

The best tips for cooking eggs through boiling is to remember these two essential tips: 

  • • Start timing only when the water begins boiling.
  • • Plunge cooked eggs immediately into cold water to stop the cooking.

You'll want to cook soft-boiled eggs if you want to add it to your adobo dish so it can marinate in the salty-tangy sauce.

6 For perfectly peeled eggs, peel boiled egg while still warm underwater.

There are many ways to peel an egg but the best advice to peel perfect eggs is to allow the egg to cool only slightly enough so you can handle it before it burns your fingers. Once it's at that stage, crack the shell all over before starting to peel. You can do this underwater so the water can help separate the membrane from the egg itself. It's this membrane that causes those pockmarks. 



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