Three Ways You Can Make Okoy More Crispy

These crispy vegetable fritters make easy and tasty snacks.
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What’s an okoy? Commonly made with togue or bean sprouts and a whole shrimp, okoy is the Pinoy version of vegetable fritters and the heft of these fritters is what makes an okoy so satisfying.  

You can make okoy any number of ways with different ingredients. While the classic will have togue and shrimp, there are other vegetables to make it stand out as more gratifying as a snack. Need ideas? Here’s a quick list of other vegetables you can add to your okoy to make it more enjoyable:

  • • carrots
  • • cabbage
  • • green beans (sitaw, Baguio beans, french beans)
  • • corn kernels
  • • potatoes
  • • zucchini
  • kangkong or water spinach
  • • onion
  • • green onions or scallions
  • kamote (sweet potatoes) 

When it comes to the batter, one of the best tips you can use when making okoy is to use cornstarch, not flour, as the main ingredient in the batter to make these fritters. Cornstarch is ultimately crispier than flour because it’s a pure starch. There is no gluten to contend with in the mixture to make your coating chewy. (Gluten is what makes your bread soft and chewy aka elastic as well as tough, if not handled right.) 

As for the dipping sauce, you can make a simple spiced vinegar by mixing together coconut vinegar, sliced red onions, smashed cloves of garlic, siling labuyo and siling haba. Not a vinegar fan? You can serve it simply with any of these or a combination of these ingredients, too: 

  • • mayonnaise
  • • ketchup
  • • mustard
  • • sriracha or hot sauce
  • • garlic powder
  • • paprika
  • •  banana catsup 

We have three awesome okoy recipes you can try!   

Photo by Majoy Siason

1 Classic Okoy Recipe 

If you’re craving the original fillings and ingredients that made this the well-loved merienda meal, this is the recipe you should try. Loaded with bean sprouts and the umami-powerhouse hibe or dried shrimps, these are fabulous served with a spiced vinegar sauce. 

Okoy Recipe Posted in: Recipe
Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Kalabasa Okoy Recipe 

For anyone who doesn’t like bean sprouts, this is the fritter for you. Instead, these are made with slivers of kalabasa or squash. This switch in ingredients creates an okoy that, while different, stays true to the original recipe but with a genius yet major ingredient swap. Not everyone loves togue so this recipe makes a great argument to at least try it and fall in love with the humble okoy. Plus, the kalabasa’s creamy sweetness could help convince non-okoy eaters to give these a try.  


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Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Ilocano Okoy Tiyosko Recipe  

Those looking for a more loaded okoy recipe should head over to Ilocos for a taste of these okoy. It’s not just made with the bean sprouts and shrimp, but it also has longganisa, kalabasa, and malunggay leaves, too. It’s still served with a spicy vinegar dip on the side so you’re not missing out on that awesome dipping sauce. 

What you’re presented is a meatier, more satisfying as a meal kind of fritter that can be your ultimate merienda meal or the perfect pairing to some rice for a snack that’s still satisfying but is definitely more filling, too.  

Fritters are easy to make! How do you like your okoy to be made? 



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