These Easy Fish Recipes Are Ulam Ideas To Try

Fish is a fast-cooking ingredient. It's easy to cook and frying is one of the fastest ways to cook it. It helps that fried fish is super tasty and delicious. You can even purposely overcook fish to create firm and crispy fish instead of the tender and flaky fish that you associate with salmon, blue marlin, and other big fish cuts. 

Fish is a versatile ingredient for many ulam recipes. If fish is your meat of choice, here are easy fish recipes to try the next time you need ulam ideas: 

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1 Buttermilk Fried Fish Fillets Recipe 

Fish fillets are super easy to work with and cook even faster than whole fish. The key to extra tasty fried fish like this is the seasoning that you sprinkle all over the fish before it's fried. To make it extra easy on you so you don't have to think about what combination of herbs and spices go together, use premade spice mixes! A taco seasoning is a delicious start to learning how to use spices blends beyond what they're originally used for.

Photo by Majoy Siason
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2 Tanigue Fish Salpicao Recipe 

The delicious combination of a savory sauce with toasted garlic is definitely an irresistible one, especially for garlic lovers. If you are one of these people who adore garlic in their dishes, you'll appreciate this easy and super tasty salpicao recipe. This uses chunks of tanigue or mackerel so it's easy to cook since fish cooks super fast! A few minutes is all you need to put this fast and easy dish on the table! 

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3 Fish Tinola Recipe 

Seafood such as fish and ginger are natural pairings. The flavor of ginger is a common way of ensuring that the seafood will not taste too fishy. It masks that flavor well! This tinola recipe using fish should not be a surprising version of the dish. This uses tangiue fish steaks but feel free to swap that fish with any fish steak you want to use. The ginger and the fish sauce will make sure it tastes perfectly seasoned every time. 

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4 Tuna Sinigang Recipe 

Sinigang is one of those sabaw recipes that seems easy to make and it is. Thanks to sinigang premade mixes, making sinigang can be super fast and easy to cook. You just need to gather together all the vegetables you want to add to the soup.

The meat may have been originally shrimp but fish is an affordable and easy swap to make. It can even be any fish! Tilapia and bangus are common fish to try but if you're not a fan of picking out fish bones, try making it with fish fillets cut into cubes for an easy eating experience. 

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5 Baked Salmon Recipe 

You may think that baked salmon ala Conti's is just for special occasions, the holidays, and other events worthy of a celebration. That's not true! The price of salmon is what makes it seem like it should be reserved for only these occasions. 

Did you know that you can use another kind of fish instead and still enjoy the deliciously creamy and cheesy topping that makes it so addictive? Try the cheesy topping with more affordable fish fillets such as creamy dory fillets or even pla-pla that have been filleted! 

There are so many ways to enjoy fish for ulam meals! Here are more ideas that you can try: 


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