Easy Pork Recipes That Make The Perfect Baon

Stay inspired with these easy fried pork recipes.

What makes meal planning so hard? Is it the prospect of time or maybe it's because you're running out of ideas? You can solve both those problems with these recipes. All you have to do is choose and you can make these fried pork recipes in 30 minutes or less!

Pork is, after all, is a versatile and easy ingredient to use. It cooks fast, it's tasty, and most of all, it's affordable. These recipes will guarantee every baon is going to be a delicious part of the day. Need more fried pork recipe ideas? Check these recipes out.

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1 Fried Pork Cutlets with Cream Gravy Recipe

It's so easy to stock up on cutlets in your freezer, and they can be cooked in so many ways. This delicious 30-minute pork is deep fried to perfection and given layers of flavor thanks to umami-packed mushrooms and spices.

Baon Tip: Always pack your sauces separately! It will keep your meat from getting soggy. Also, on the off chance it spoils, it won't taint the rest of your dish. If you're using a small container that isn't built-in with your lunchbox, take the extra precaution by sealing it with tape or keeping it in a freezer bag to avoid spillage.

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2 Fried Pork Adobo Recipe

This five-ingredient quick adobo recipe is the perfect baon. It's always delicious without the hassle.

Baon Tip: Nobody wants to eat the same thing day in and day out. What you can do is partner up with some friends to meal plan with you. This way, if you've got five friends participating with meal prepping, you guys can have a different meal every day even if each one of you will only have to cook one dish a week.

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3 Stir-fried Tenderloin with Lemongrass Recipe

Stir frying allows you to cook up something tasty in just a few minutes. You can change up the flavor so easily, too, by making use of a variety of spices. You can use your typical ginger, garlic, and onions-which you can't go wrong with. You can also use interesting ingredients like apples, lemongrass, chili peppers, and cilantro, which can take a packed dish from ordinary to amazing. When you pack things up, you'll inevitably lose its fresh flavor but spices will keep strong flavors alive.

Baon Tip: Stir frying is an amazing way to cook fast. Do yourself a favor and buy a big wok so you can easily make recipes such as these with ease. 

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Oct 24, 2017

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4 Pork Steak a la Pobre Recipe

This pork steak ala pobre uses pork broth to its maximum potential with lots and lots of delicious garlic.

Baon Tip: When cooking up meat like pork, heat will render out its fats and juices into your pan. Don't let that go into waste as these hold a lot of flavors. When you take out your pan-fried meat, you can make a gravy with the drippings that's left behind.

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5 Pork Tonkatsu Recipe

This crunchy slice of pork is always, always delicious. 

Baon Tip: When dredging meat into a flour mixture, the easiest route is to use a freezer bag. Place the flour and spices first, seal it, and shake it. Then, add your meat and shake again. Voila! It's a great cleaning hack, too.

To keep its crunch, store it separately from the rice when it's cooled down. Otherwise, steam can turn this delicious pork chop soggy.

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May 25, 2017

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6 Spicy Minced Pork And Eggplant Hotpot Recipe

This delicious hotpot recipe is absolutely delicious. You might want to bring even more extra rice than usual! Spicy, salty, and umami-packed, you'll just keep digging and digging, and before you know it, you've finished it!

Baon Tip: Hold off on adding the silken tofu if you want this recipe to last longer in the freezer. When you want to pack it up, order up some fresh silken tofu from a taho peddler, separating the arnibal and sago. It's the silkiest, freshest tofu ever.

These pork chops are simple yet super tasty.
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7 Fried Calamansi Pork Chops Recipe

This twenty-minute pork chop recipe uses your basic ingredients to produce such a simple yet consistently tasty dish.

Baon Tip: Marinate your pork in calamansi, lemon juice, or even pineapple juice. The acid will break down the protein so you're sure you'll get a tender bite each time-even when the pork runs cold in your lunch box.

Need more tips to cooking pork chops so you can have flawless, tender, flavorful chops each time? Click here for our tips.

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8 Pork Sausage Recipe

This Thai recipe is fragrant and absolutely delicious. You can make this way ahead, form them, and just fry them on the day you're eating them.

Baon Tip: With all these fried recipes, it's a good idea to partner them up with pickled veggies. Think atsara, or burong mangga. The acidity will cut through the grease, bring to life flavors, all the while nourishing you.

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Busy mornings are a fact of life-they're always going to be there. It's time to plan out your routine so that your mornings will run smoother. A good baon game plan won't just give you a smooth-sailing morning that makes you feel good about the rest of the day, it also assures you that you're going to have a filling, delicious meal when you need it most.

Need help getting to know pork so you can get the best out of it? Get to know its parts with our infographic below.



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