These Are Easiest Fried Rice Recipes You Need to Try

Toss in all your favorite cuts of meat and veggies!

The great thing about fried rice is that you can make it a complete meal by tossing in your favorite cuts of meat (even if they are leftovers!) and several handfuls of chopped veggies. It’s a fast, no-thinking-needed, and unbelievably easy way to make breakfast, lunch, or even a quick dinner. Here are some of our favorite recipes:


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Step up your fried rice game with these easy recipes.



1 Yang Chow Fried Rice

You can even use leftover meat and veggies as mix-ins for this super quick fried rice dish. 

Recreate your favorite fried rice and say goodbye to Chinese takeout.



2 Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice

Spam, kimchi, and Korean chili paste! This will definitely wake you up in the morning. 

Add a breakfast favorite to your kimchi fried rice!



3 Sinangag na Sinigang

Have you tried using sour sinigang mix for fried rice yet? 

This sinigang fried rice uses sinigang mix for that tangy flavor punch.



4 Chicken Pepper Rice

By using leftover rice, chicken fillets, and a few pantry staples, you can serve a complete meal in a snap.

Rice bowls are a lifesaver when in comes to hectic days.



5 Beef Tenderloin Fried Rice

This fried rice dish is packed with all kinds of veggies! 

This beef tenderloin fried rice recipe is a flavorful Japanese-inspired fried rice dish.



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We have tips for making something delicious from your leftover rice!

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When it comes to quick and healthy weeknight meals, make stir-fries your go-to dish.

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