Easy Korean Recipes You Can Make At Home

You do not have to make all the banchan at every meal.

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If the furthest you have ever made it to enjoying Korean food is watching your favorite K-drama stars eating it on television, you are missing out on some awesome food! Korean food may look intimidating to make but there are easy Korean recipes you can pull off that will satisfy your cravings. 

However, you first need to stock your kitchen with essential Korean ingredients. Don't worry though! Many of these ingredients you might already have in your kitchen. Do you have soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic, and access to fresh meat and vegetables? If you do, you're halfway to having all you need for your Korean food trip! Here is a shortlist of specific ingredients you might not have on hand that you will need to make any of these recipes: 

  • kimchi
  • • glass noodles
  • • red pepper flakes or red pepper paste (gochujang)  
  • • sesame oil 
  • • potato starch
  • • nori sheets or dried seaweed

Don't worry if you don't have some of these ingredients! There are some substitutes that easily can be swapped. Here are a few easy Korean recipes to make at home that will get you started on your Korean food trip: 

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1 Bulgogi Recipe

Bulgogi may be the first (and the best) introduction to your Korean food trip. This flavorful beef recipe is a classic recipe that makes it a great first dish to try to make at home. It's the marinade that makes this addictive and if have made beef tapa from scratch, the process including the cooking of the beef is just as simple. If you're not confident in your beef cooking skills, try the delicious marinade sauce using chicken instead. 


What's so great about this marinade is that you don't have to stick to beef or chicken! Feel free to use the marinade, made thicker as a sauce for burgers, basting sauce for barbecue, and even the spread for a kimchi dog! 

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2 Chapchae Recipe 

This noodle dish is similar to our pancit canton! This version uses glass noodles made from sweet potato starch which when cook creates noodles that look translucent like glass. You can use vermicelli or even thick bihon noodles if you can't get your hands on this kind of Korean noodles. 


The sauce for the chicken is the bulgogi sauce that you can either make from scratch or buy premade from the Asian section of your major supermarket or Asian grocery store

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Dec 29, 2017

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3 Kimchi Rice Recipe  

The most important ingredient in this recipe is kimchi. The fermented spicy cabbage as well as the liquid that it produces as it ages are both essential to the dish. The good news is that it's so easy to add to the mix that if you make fried rice often, you'll be pro at making this in no time! 



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4 Corn Cheese Recipe 

The Korean food that you make doesn't need to be ulam all the time! In fact, when you are craving the stretchy cheese dishes that seem to be a favorite of Korean street food, you may want to try it at home. This isn't exactly street food but it is a favorite banchan dish that you can find on your table at a samgyupsal feast! You'll love that it's super easy to recreate at home when you're hosting your own Korean-inspired buffet for your virtual K-drama marathons with friends. 


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5 Korean-Style Honey Butter Chicken Recipe

This is a different kind of Korean fried chicken! If you have a craving for Korean fried chicken that's beyond the usual soy-garlic, you should try this fried chicken recipe that marries sweet, savory, and buttery into a chicken recipe. We use cornstarch in the recipe but if you have potato starch, even better to get that classic Korean-style fried chicken texture! You can even try the sweet and sour sauce version or the classic soy-garlic if you're feeling nostalgic. 


You might be wondering why the bibimbap and the kimbap aren't on this list of easy recipes. That's because, despite these dishes' seeming simplicity, the process is long because there are so many ingredients. You can of course cut down on the number of ingredients to make it simpler but why skimp? 

If you're serious about tackling more complicated recipes, here are recipe lists to try: 


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