These Are The Easy Lasagna Recipes You Can Make

These layered pasta dishes are gooey and delicious!

The best lasagna is the one loaded with ingredients. It has lots of pasta layers with flavorful and meaty sauce in between each sheet, a creamy and milky top layer covered with a gooey sheet of cheese. 

You don’t need to be a pro chef to make a delicious lasagna. The main components of making a lasagna are knowing how to cook a meaty pasta sauce and making sure that each layer is loaded enough but not too much that it won’t hold when sliced into.

The hardest part isn’t even the dish! It’s finding the lasagna noodles at the supermarket, having the foresight of buying it together with mozzarella cheese, and having both on hand ready to be made to something delicious when the craving hits.  

If you’re craving some good lasagna for this weekend, check out this list of easy lasagna recipes that are all doable at home: 

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1 Easy Lasagna Recipe 

This is a beginner-friendly, easy lasagna recipe to get you inspired and encouraged to take the step into making this a reality. This lasagna is made easy because each part is easy. It’s all about making each one and putting it all together. The result is this easy recipe that delivers the layers and the flavors. 



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2 Corned Beef Lasagna Recipe 

Who doesn’t have a can or two of corned beef at home? This super flavorful beef that’s already shredded for you is what makes this lasagna easy to make. The beefy layers may be thin but the flavor you want is in there! You can even make a baked macaroni version of this, too, with a sweet-style twist that will make it perfect on the buffet table for any gathering!   


Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Chicken Bolognese Lasagna Recipe 

Lasagna doesn’t have to be made of beef or pork. In this version, ground chicken is what’s used to make the meaty pasta sauce. It’s less fatty but it’s just as flavor-packed as the red meat version. The trick to doing that is to simmer the chicken in the sauce to really infuse it with the flavor of the sauce and the seasonings before it’s layered with the pasta. 


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4 One Pan Lasagna Recipe  

Did you cave and get yourself one of those heavy-duty cast iron pans? If you did, you’ll enjoy using it to make this easy lasagna recipe. What’s great about this recipe is there is no need to even bring out a baking dish! You’ll have no trouble moving from stove to oven since the cast iron pan is made to be used over (or in) any cooking environment. You can make other one-pan recipes in this pan, too!     


5 Meatball Lasagna Recipe 

There are any number of prepared meats you can use to make into flavorful meatballs! Burger meat makes fantastic meatballs and so does prepared lumpia filling. Make it easy on yourself by finding ways of making any dish easier. You might even use this trick for another recipe.    

6 Cheesy Sausage and Vegetable Lasagna Recipe  

Just like you don’t have to make meatballs from scratch, you can also ditch trying to make a pasta sauce more flavorful with all those herbs, spices, and seasonings by allowing the sausage to make it flavorful for you. Sausage meat is incredibly tasty! By using a potent ingredient such as a garlicky longganisa (not a sweet one!) to add to the pasta sauce, you can allow its flavors to take over the pasta sauce. You create a flavorful pasta that will be a winning combination with the vegetables layered with it in this recipe. 



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