You Can Prep A Meal for As Low as P240!

All it takes is a little planning and choosing the right protein.

Value-for-money meals also means serving flavorful food while sticking to your budget. We have budget-friendly dishes that don’t require a lot of grocery items yet deliver on flavor. The best part? They’re all under P600 (starts at P240 per serving!): 




Baked Dory

Cost: P240 for 4 servings

A tomato salsa gives baked dory a refreshing flavor lift.


This baked dory recipe uses pre-cleaned fillets, making it an easy economical dinner recipe.




Stir-Fried Chicken Recipe

Cost: P290 for 4 servings

Chicken is always a great option when you’re cooking on a budget.


Chicken is always a great option for a value-for-money stir-fry recipe.




Herbed Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

Cost: P450 for 4 servings

A creamy sauce elevates this simple herbed chicken.


Mushrooms add an earthier flavor to this simple chicken dish.




Orange-Glazed Beef Kebabs

Cost: P480 for 4 servings

The orange juice gives this beef kebab dish a tasty zing.


Make weeknight cooking easy with quick-cooking tenderloin for this beef kebab recipe.





Pork Chops with Onion Sauce

Cost: P600 for 4 servings

The sweet onion sauce complements the savory pork chops. 


Make your regular pork chops recipe more exciting by serving it with a sweet onion sauce.




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Each serving costs less than P100!

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Some dishes cost under P20 per serving!

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