Can’t Get Enough of Potatoes? Here Are Our Top Ideas

Craving for warm, creamy, crunchy potatoes with a good load of cheese? You need these recipes.


It’s time to satisfy your craving with these easy potato recipes. The best part when you're making it at home? You're completely in control if you want it healthy or with handfuls of extra cheese. Here’s a list of potato recipes you need to try: 



1 Garlic and Cheese Hasselback Potatoes
For something easier than mashed potatoes, Hasselback look so much better! Want a clever hack when making these cool-looking potatoes? Instead of an oven, you can microwave them for 10-16 minutes!


This potato dish is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.




2 Warm Honey-Mustard Potato Salad
The honey-mustard coating really brings out the creamy goodness of potatoes. This potato salad rendition is tart, sweet, and complex, without the heaviness of your usual potato salad.


Here's a sweet-tangy way to start your meal!




3 Cheesy Potato Bites
It’s hard to stop yourself from popping these in your mouth once you start. Cheese and potato were made for each other. 


Bite into crunchy, creamy potato balls and find a gooey surprise inside!




4 Potato Pancakes
This crunchy quick pancake is perfect for breakfast. Starting your day with this delicious little side will make the whole day a little brighter. Better yet, bring them to lunch and toast it in office pantry for a guaranteed crunch.


Whip this up for breakfast and have a fantastic day ahead!





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This one's inspired by poutine, a French-Canadian dish that consists of fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

Yummy potato balls make for a great snack during movie marathons!

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