Make 2019 A Year of Easy Recipes

You can make these no-fail dishes at home.

It's 2019! Can you believe it? Have you written down your resolutions yet? Well, we have one you should definitely include: more home-cooked meals! We're also going to help you out with that goal by giving you easy recipes you can definitely make throughout the year.

Photo by Majoy Siason

1 Beef Tapa Recipe 


Make this year a year of great breakfasts. You know what happens when you get a satisfying, delicious breakfast? You get a great morning, which is not too far off from a great day to start off 2019.

Not just a breakfast staple, this beef dish is an easy option for effortless meals.

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You can never have too much tapa.

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2 Easy Tofu Sisig Recipe

Is this the year you finally commit to Meatless Mondays? If yes, then having a delicious tofu recipe like this easy and tasty recipe will really help you out. Tofu is a great meatless option that's not only affordable, it's also quite delicious. 


This easy tofu sisig recipe is a vegetarian twist on the porky Filipino favorite!

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

3 Adobo Chicken Wings Recipe

Give your adobo a twist this year. Make your chicken adobo special and even more delicious by using your grill. These chicken wings will have everyone hooked!

Flavor chicken wings with a classic Filipino adobo sauce!

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

4 Glazed Pork Chops Recipe


Pork chops are one of those cuts of meat that’s consistently in your fridge. It’s so easy to cook, and it’s always delicious. Give it a celebratory twist by brushing it a tasty glaze.

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Get ready to bite into these delicious sweet and slightly spicy glazed pork chops.

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5 Pancit Habhab Recipe

Pancit is always present in any gathering so make it a little bit more appetizing and easier to eat by making this version that doesn't require any utensils. Isn’t it great that happiness can come so easy in the form of this seafood-packed pancit habhab


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This pancit dish from Lucban, Quezon is cooked with vinegar!

Make this easy pancit dish on a weekend!

Photo by Majoy Siason

6 Spicy Dilis Recipe

It’s sweet, spicy, savory, and it’s really crunchy! What’s not to love about this dilis recipe? This pairs perfectly with a cold pint of beer or served with some steamed white rice. Your friends will have you making this to munch on every time you have them over this year. 


Dried fish gets the spicy and sweet treatment, and it's delicious and addicting.

Start 2019 off exactly the way you want the rest of the year to be: yummy! After all, good meals make up a good day and good days make up a brilliant year.


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