Easy Recipes To Make For Mother’s Day

Raid your kitchen for ingredients to turn into a special meal.

Not everyone has the luxury of having a fully stocked kitchen. When you have neither the time nor the energy to exert more than what is required of you every day, you learn to make do with what you already have. Special occasions can be made possible with a bit of planning and creativity!

You can make something delicious and special even while in quarantine. Here are easy recipes you can make to make Mom and the family feel special (including yourself!): 

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1 Cake Batter Pancakes Recipe  

Breakfast can be a beautifully simple affair that can be super delicious, too. All you need is some inspiration and a box of cake mix. 

Got red velvet cake mix or banana cake mix? Use that with a few tweaks! You can transform that into pancakes that taste like it’s dessert. You can even make a stack of pancakes from scratch using ingredients you have in your kitchen that can rival any breakfast restaurant menu item, too!  

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Shakshouka Recipe

This Israeli breakfast dish is made with eggs, tomatoes, and a lot of spices. That’s what makes it so delicious! What makes it super easy is the way it’s prepared: Simmer and season your tomato sauce in the spices you like until it tastes amazing, add a little water if needed, then make nests for your eggs. Cover and let the eggs cook to your desired doneness. Runny or set, this is fantastic paired with hot pandesal or on top of garlic fried rice. Plus, how can you not wake up and feel happy with sunny-side-up eggs? 

Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Chicken Eggs Benedict Recipe 

If you really want to make something super special, there are few dishes you can wake up to that can rival a plate of eggs Benedict. Traditionally, it’s made of an English muffin topped with bacon and a poached egg, and served with hollandaise sauce. You can hack that hollandaise sauce using a blender so there’s little effort involved and you can swap out the muffin for pandesal! The only thing you really have to do is cook a poached egg and we have easy ways you can do that, too.


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No bacon either? No worries! Swap out that processed meat for leftover chicken chunks and you’re good to go. You can even saute some kangkong leaves in a little garlic to add some greens to an otherwise protein-packed meal. 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

4 Beef Misono Recipe 

Popularized by a Japanese fast food chain, you might be craving some Japanese rice meals and this is one that you might want to try. It’s a thinly-sliced beef meal simply prepared and quickly cooked on a griddle and served with a stir-fried togue side and a dipping sauce on the side.

You can do better than that with your homemade version! One of the best ways to introduce flavor is to marinate the beef so it’s super tasty, especially when you top the entire mixture onto steamed rice. Other than the tasty sauce that the thinly-sliced beef are marinated in, top it with a fresh egg  yolk that’s you break right before eating so it coats everything. This Japanese-inspired way of cooking beef is a fantastic stir-fried dish, easily prepared and super flavorful, too. 


5 Korean-Style Steak and Eggs Recipe 

Cave into your desire for some awesome Korean food by trying this steak and eggs with kimchi rice meal! After all, why settle for a plain tasting meal when you can have one that has more flavor in both the steak and the rice? This uses yakiniku bottled marinade but you can swap that out with your desired marinade to make this dish. The winner of this meal is really the kimchi rice that makes this match truly mouthwatering and appropriate for your K-drama fan. 

Photo by Toto Labrador

6 Easy Pan-Fried Steak Recipe 

Sometimes, you just need a simple meal that allows the quality ingredients to speak for itself. In this case, a simple pan-fried steak is all you need to feel special when you eat it. Use a beautiful cut of beef of your choice or go simpler and easier-to-cook with a pork steak.

You can even swap out the fresh rosemary fried together with the steak for the dried version, and it’ll be just as tasty and delicious as the fresh. Have this served with your choices of creamy mashed potatoesroasted garlic potatoes, or even a refreshing Caesar salad made with Pinoy ingredients so you don’t have to hunt down anchovies. 

Photo by Riell Santos

7 Caramelized SPAM Recipe

Who said you need cooking skills to serve something special? You don’t need any special cooking abilities to make these addictive “fries”. These fries are made with SPAM and while these are basically just fried, these are tossed in sugar that is caramelized in the frying pan. The result is these: sweet, salty sticks of luncheon meat that needs you to do nothing more than slice, coat, and fry. 


Want to level up your luncheon meat-cooking skills? Why not make these tested sinigang recipes using the luncheon meat or even tossing it into some fried rice to serve with these sugary sticks?    

There is no reason why any meal you prepare for Mother’s Day should be hard to prepare or cook. We know the limitations of many kitchens so for anyone who feels they are not equipped with providing more than something simple, try a different recipe like one of these listed that will make your taste buds say different. 


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