30-Minute Easy Stir-Fried Dinners For A Busy Week

Quick, easy and delicious: it's possible for a meal plan to be all three.

On a busy week, all you need is a fuss-free meal plan. This one doesn't require much: you just need a wok or frying pan, a cutting board, and an appetite. Plus, it’s guaranteed to deliver delicious flavors in record time! These stir-fried dishes fast and easy to make and will give you a good balance of hefty protein and healthy veggies. 

Stir fries like this ginger sesame beef recipe is fast and easy to make.
Photo by Majoy Siason

Monday: 30-Minute Sesame Ginger Beef Recipe


We all need that extra lift for our Monday blues. A good, hearty, and beefy dish will do just the trick. Make sure to cook enough extra rice!

This fast and easy stir-fried beef recipe is packed with flavor!

Photo by Patrick Martires

Tuesday: 30-Minute Easy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

No need to cook rice for this dish. This chicken chow mein will have you full in no time.


Chow mein means fried noodles, and this version is a simple and tasty one.

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An easy pancit with an Asian flavor twist.

Photo by Dairy Darilag

Wednesday: 20-Minute Tuna and Tomato Rice Recipe

Use your favorite brand of canned tuna for this extremely quick dish. 

Do you have canned tuna stocked in your pantry, too?

Photo by Patrick Martires

Thursday: 15-Minute Spam and Scrambled Egg Fried Rice with Mushrooms


Love SPAM? Then this dish is just perfect for you. Make this recipe even easier by cooking twice the amount of SPAM, eggs and rice for breakfast then transform the leftovers good enough for dinner.

Two breakfast faves are combined with rice and mushrooms to make a new savory lunch treat.

Photo by Majoy Siason

Friday: 30-Minute Spicy Stir-Fried Squid Recipe

TGIF! Friday deserves an extra special dish, and this recipe is just what you need. The tender, quick-cooking squid is the perfect fit. 


Running out of ideas on how to prep pusit?

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This easy stir fry is bursting with flavors!

Saturday: 25-Minute Thai Stir-fried Rice Noodle Recipe

The flat rice noodles, fresh basil and spicy chilies give this dish its distinct Thai flavor. It’s a whole new way of making your typical ground pork meal exciting.

Thai fish sauce is slightly different in taste from the local patis. Use this for this easy stir-fry!

Photo by Lilen Uy

Sunday: 13-Minute Stir-Fried Chicken Recipe


Chicken is like a miracle ingredient. Aside from being nearly universally delicious, it also cooks really fast when it’s cut up like this. This dish is best served with a serving of sweet potato fries.

Chicken is always a great option for a value-for-money stir-fry recipe.

These kamote fries are soft and fluffy inside!

Want to cook these dishes even faster? Here’s a useful tip: prepare these meals on Sunday! Cut up all your veggies, portion it, place in air-tight containers, and freeze. 


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Easy fish fillet recipes are the stars of this 5-day meal plan!

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