5 Easy Dishes To Try This New Year

You gotta try these!

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When it comes to food, there are always the tried and true recipes that you always love to eat and cook. Everyone has their own favorites! These are the dishes that they know will always be delicious, always be a hit, and will always be perfectly cooked since they make it regularly. 

For this new year, we say why not try something totally new? We know some recipes that you may have never heard of before or are too afraid to try. 

Be brave. You have to try something new every now and then. Plus, you may just find a recipe or two that may become your new favorite go-to recipe, too. 

If you have a favorite dish such as pasta, mushrooms, or even ramen, here are 5 recipes we think you should try (and may love!) this 2020: 


1 Creamy Tinapang Bangus Pasta Recipe 

When it comes to pasta, you probably already know how to make a tuyo pasta or even one that uses an entire bottle of Spanish sardines! It's time for this creamy bangus pasta to be added to that list of favorites. 

This is an easy pasta dish to make since it's also made with ready-to-eat bangus. It's super flavorful, too, thanks to the smoked fish. 

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2 Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe 

It's true. Fresh or even dried mushrooms will deliver the best-tasting dishes. Canned mushrooms, despite how super convenient it is to use, just don't compare! That's why this year is the year we think you should skip that can of mushroom soup and why not try to make a creamy mushroom soup that will blow your mind with how delicious it is compared to one that you can get from a can. 

You will not only be super surprised about how flavorful fresh and dried mushrooms can make your dish, you will also be thrilled to know it's easy to make, too. 

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3 Squid Ink Seafood Fried Rice Recipe  

According to this Business Insider report, one of the dishes that people will be eating in 2020 is food that is instantly Instagrammable. Believe it or not, squid ink is instantly eye-catching with its stark black color. What so great about this is that you don't have to wait to have it at a restaurant! You can order and buy squid ink from Chef's Nook or, if you're lucky enough, get it fresh from fresh squid you can source from Farmers Market in Cubao.  

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4 Cauliflower and Bacon Gratin Recipe  

Move over, broccoli! Cauliflower is here! 

When it comes to the keto, or ketogenic, diet, the cauliflower is one of the main stars of this food trend. Thanks to its neutral hue, it has become a replacement for rice, probably because green rice made from broccoli just isn't that appealing. 

However, more than that, it's just as beneficial healthwise as broccoli. If you're on the bandwagon for one reason or another, you should try one of these cauliflower recipes to see for yourself how delicious this flowery stalk can be. 


5 Tempura Udon Recipe 

Noodle fans and Japanese food fans know that the ramen has taken over the food industry. There are more ramen places now than there ever was before! The bad news about this is that it's expensive to eat out all the time when the ramen craving hits. The good news is that the surge of popularity means the ingredients to make your own just got more accessible. 

Better yet, you can even use alternative ingredients like udon noodles to make your favorite ramen meal customized to your taste. 


Easy recipes like these recipes really only look complicated and hard-to-make but when you take a chance and check out the recipe, you may find that it is neither hard nor complicated to make. Make this new year be the year that you make your favorite dish at home. 


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