All The Easy Chicken Recipes To Make This Weekend

These recipes with chicken will make the weekend better!

Chicken is undoubtedly delicious but it’s also one of the most versatile ingredients to have in your kitchen. You can fry chicken, steam chicken, bake chicken, roast chicken, boil chicken, and yes, even microwave chicken or even cook it in a tiny oven toaster, too. You may not be convinced or just want to try out a different kind of chicken recipe, but we have chicken recipes to prove you can do all of these things.

Here are all the different kinds of chicken recipes you can make this weekend to turn it into the highlight of your week:  

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1 Make fried chicken recipes even more delicious.  

The most popular way of preparing the chicken has to be fried. It’s a simple cooking method that many can easily master and do. However, the trick to really good fried chicken is what you do to the chicken. 


You can coat it in a super flavorful mixture of ingredients like in this Korean fried chicken recipe, wrap chicken fillets in bacon before frying for even more flavor, or add an aromatic spice like five spice to make it even more appealing to anyone who loves bold flavors.

You can also leave it completely plain like the Pinoy-style fried chicken or even the battered, floured, and deep-fried chicken that we grew up loving then serve it with a buttery gravy. 

Do you have that new kitchen appliance the air fryer? Then, you should try this air-fryer fried chicken recipe that results in super crispy skin that’s quite similar to the fried chicken you can get at a popular chicken restaurant.  

Photo by Roselle Miranda

2 Create creamy chicken recipes. 

Frying chicken and making it with a creamy sauce is a heavenly combination. The creamy sauce is super indulgent with mushrooms, tomatoes, lemons, and whatever else you love with chicken.


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You can go classic with a mushroom sauce simmered with the pan juices from frying the chicken, add lemons and capers to the creamy sauce for a little tang, or infuse the sauce with garlic and tomatoes.  

You can also make creamy pasta dishes, too! Make one with chicken, garlic, and Parmesan for a cheesy kick or go simpler with just chicken and mushrooms.  

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 Roast the chicken! 

Roasting a chicken may be one of the easiest ways of cooking chicken. That’s because there is little actual cooking involved for you to do. All you really need to do is prepare the chicken so it’s flavorful when it goes in and will emerge super delicious from the oven.     

You don’t even need to use an oven if you don’t have one! Use the turbo broiler to make a lemon and herb-rubbed roast chicken, marinate the chicken in soy sauce and ginger for an Asian twist, make garlic butter to inject garlicky and buttery flavor as it roasts, or keep it simple with as few ingredients as you like but seasoned generously with salt and pepper. 


Serve it simply with steamed rice or make some vegetable sides to make a full meal into a delicious celebration. 

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4 Steam the chicken. 

Your stovetop is limited to what pot you have but if you have a steamer pot or even just a pot for a makeshift steamer, you can steam food and chicken in it. You’ll enjoy succulent chicken without worrying about it drying out! 

Making a steamed chicken recipe can be as simple as using chicken broth with a few aromatic ingredients like ginger, sesame, and soy sauce, cook it whole stuffed with lemongrass (tanglad) for a classic Filipino steamed chicken recipe, or add asparagus and mushrooms in a banana leaf packet with the chicken.    

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5 Make delicious chicken soup. 

Chicken soup is said to be made for the soul, and it’s no wonder why it’s such a comforting bowl. The chicken has nutrients that nourish you when you’re feeling sick, it’s hydrating and soothing, especially if you have the sniffles and a cough, and it tastes pretty good, too.  

Why not make the best of all of these benefits even when you’re not sick? Chicken soup can take many forms and the classic chicken soup with ginger, papaya, or sayote definitely tops that list. Sopas made with shredded chicken is just as hearty as any chicken noodle soup but can be made even better and creamier with evaporated milk or with coconut juice and its milk.  

You can even have it sour if you love your chicken soup super loaded with vegetables

What is your favorite way of preparing chicken? Take a cue from the pickiest eaters who cannot say no to chicken! These chicken recipes can be the recipe that you’ve been looking to find.




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