Start The New Year With Easy Salad Recipes

These tasty salads require minimal cooking.

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Salads are some of the easiest dishes to make. It doesn't even need to be a leafy green meal. A salad can be any cold dish that is tossed together with a dressing. It can or is sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other proteins. 

All this means is that salads aren't always made of lettuce which is why there are potato salads, macaroni salads, and the like. What makes these all salads is the fact that it's common to see ingredients, cooked or raw, in a dressing. This dressing can be a creamy and luscious one made with mayonnaise as the base or it can be as light as a seasoned oil and vinegar mixture.       

Few salad recipes take much time and are usually a light and delicious side dish or merienda meal. Turn to these easy salad recipes to make a refreshing and light meal to enjoy.   


1 Classic Caesar Salad Recipe 

Sometimes a salad can be as simple as tossing chunks of lettuce and a bottled salad dressing. However, there is nothing like a freshly made salad dressing to make your salad more luxe in taste. Plus, there's always the satisfaction that you made it yourself from scratch.

If however, you're worried about a raw egg yolk in your food, you can swap out the yolk and the oil and use mayonnaise instead. You can even swap the anchovies for tuyo flakes for a Pinoy twist on this classic. 


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2 Crab Stick or Kani Salad Recipe 

One of the great characteristics of the Japanese crab stick or kani is that it's ready-to-eat when freshly thawed from the freezer. These fish sticks made to taste like crab are delicious in salads! The kani salad is an easy no-cook salad that you can whip up in minutes.  

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3 Pomelo and Kale Salad Recipe 

Don't be intimidated but this salad is simply a suha salad with greens. You can easily swap the kale for any other leafy green that you might have. (Romaine lettuce that you might use for a Caesar salad would be perfect.) Grab the sweetest suha you can find from Davao and invest in a delicious strawberry vinaigrette for this easy salad recipe. 

You can pair the suha with mangoes or even toss in some beef strips for a heartier version that can replace a meal. 


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4 Chicken Shawarma Salad Recipe  

Chicken chunks make this sald delicious and hearty. It's marinated in a spiced yogurt mixture and delivers that Middle Eastern flavor that you associate with shawarma. Plus, the garlic sauce drizzled on top is addictive!

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5 Pastrami Beef and Lettuce Salad Recipe 

Romaine lettuce makes excellent salad cups, too. If you're not a fan of too-bland taste of iceberg lettuce, try this recipe. This super easy salad doesn't even need a salad dressing to make it irresistible. Instead, it takes advantage of the fact that beef pastrami is incredibly tasty already and lets the lettuce and slivers of carrots be the supporting cast. A scattering of Parmesan cheese makes it look like a meal and make it look super appetizing. 


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6 Rice Salad Recipe 

Got leftover rice? If you do then you can make a super hearty salad made without any leafy greens. A rice salad is exactly that: a salad made of rice instead of greens. In this case, the cold rice is made colorful from the diced vegetables and flavorful from the tangy dressing that's drizzled all over the salad. The rice absorbs much of the flavor making this super tasty! 



What is your favorite kind of salad to eat? 


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