Tired Of Cooking? These Easy Sandwich Ideas Will Help

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There is such a thing as "cooking fatigue" and it can happen to anyone including devout cooks and professional chefs. Cooking is fun but even your favorite pastime can become a chore when you're forced to do it instead of having the choice to do it. There's a difference. 

If you are getting tired of cooking, we understand. That's why there are recipes that require minimal cooking. Sandwiches are one of those dishes that require little cooking and just a minimal effort to put together. It can be as simple as spreading margarine into fresh hot pandesal

Do sandwiches sound more appealing to you right now? Here are some unique but easy sandwich recipes to try if you've got cooking fatigue and want to take a break from cooking instead: 

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1 Tuna and Scrambled Egg Sandwich Recipe

You don't need to much cooking to make this baon-worthy meal. An easy scrambled egg and tuna are mixed together for the filling. Add some greens, and you're done! Love a little heat? Spice it up with hot sauce or fresh chopped chili into the egg. 

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2 Creamy Tuna And Cucumber Sandwich Spread Recipe

You can get away with mixing tuna and mayo together but if you want a heartier sandwich, make it triple decker. The chunks of tuna and slices of cucumber make this palaman light in taste yet utterly satisfying in the tummy.

3 Ham, Cheese, and Apple Sandwich Recipe

You can't get more classic than a ham and cheese sandwich! So, if you're looking to jazz things up with your meal, add a bit of fruity sweetness to the savory sweet and creamy cheese. Apples make a great pairing with this combo. This might remind you of a cheese board so if that's something you enjoy, this trio in a sandwich is not that far off.   


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4 Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Dried Mangoes Recipe

A sandwich with roast chicken isn't that exciting. What makes it exciting is what else is in there with the chicken. In this case, another kind of fruit makes this bread and meat combo extra delicious: mangoes. Dried mangoes give this otherwise boring sandwich a burst of sweetness each time you bite into a sliver of the candied fruit.


Not a fan of mangoes? Skip the mangoes and slather on some pesto mayonnaise for a tasty bite with a creamy herb finish.       

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5 Classic Sub Sandwich Recipe

Make this sandwich totally a no-cook affair by using meats that don't need any heating at all. Cold cuts are the perfect choice for sandwiches, especially since it's the classic meaty filing of a submarine sandwich! Roll them up and pile on the ham slices together with sliced tomatoes, lettuce greens, and slivers of cheese in between the halves of a French bread roll. Serve with mustard and pickle relish as classic toppings.   


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6 Easy Egg Salad on Toast Recipe

It may not look like much but this egg salad recipe is packed with flavor. The most you need to do with regards to cooking is boiling water. Hard-boiled eggs are beginner-level cooking that requires little more than noting the time. Peel the eggs, chop it up, and mix in the other ingredients. It takes just a few more ingredients to make this Japanese-inspired egg salad super satisfying with every bite. The secret to this is the sesame dressing. 



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7 Spicy Mustard Ham Sandwich Recipe

Got ham? You can be creative with how you make a meal out of ham but in this case, you will taste something very different from what you had for dinner. Instead, you'll have a chopped ham sandwich with a hit of spicy mustard. 


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Are you still concerned about cooking a meal when you have so many sandwich options to try? A little less cooking can do you good and restore your faith in your cooking abilities. Get over cooking fatigue and conquer another day of meals with these sandwich ideas instead.  


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