These Are The Easiest Seafood Dishes You Can Make This Summer

These seafood recipes are a crowd-pleaser.

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Summer means access to loads of fresh seafood! If you’re cutting down on meat, seafood is also a good alternative to still get a delicious, hefty protein in your diet. Any of these seafood dishes will certainly tick all your boxes: they’re all easy, quick-to-prep, delicious, and healthy, too!

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1 Seafood Salad Recipe


Salads are all about enjoying your food at its freshest, which makes fresh seafood the perfect fit! You’ve never had a salad this good.

Ready in: 35 minutes

Seafood lovers will enjoy this easy salad dish!

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

2 Grilled Seafood Platter with Atsuete-Calamansi Sauce Recipe

This recipe might not be the easiest, or quickest, in this list, but it’s worth it. The tangy atsuete-calamansi sauce brings out the wonderful and inherent flavors of smokey, grilled seafood.


Ready in: 1 hour and 30 minutes

This grilled seafood dish is surprisingly simple to make!

Photo by Riell Santos

3 Seafood Pesto Pasta Recipe

Fresh herbs make fresh seafood taste even fresher! Give your seafood a boost in freshness and flavor with some delicious pesto.

Ready in: 50 minutes

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Pasta vongole is a quick seafood dish you can easily make at home!

Are you a seafood fan? Here's a pasta dish made for you.

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4 Seafood Rice ala King Recipe


Make this delicious, flavorful, recipe all in one pot. That means more time to enjoy your food and less time cleaning up!

Ready In: 40 minutes

Whip up this seafood dish for big parties!

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

5 Crab and Shrimp Linguine with White Sauce Recipe

The unique, mellow, and complex flavor of crab and shrimp make this pasta dish recipe an extra special treat for the summer.


Ready in: 30 minutes

This seafood with white sauce pasta combo has that clean white sauce taste you're looking for.

This sinigang is easy, tasty, and cooks fast.
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6 Seafood Sinigang Recipe

It’s time to elevate your sinigang with some fresh seafood. This homey dish is the soul food you’ve been craving for.

Ready in: 35 minutes

This seafood sinigang is sour, tasty, and hearty.

Photo by Kai Huang

7 Seafood Pancit Habhab Recipe


Here’s an idea: if you’re having a boodle fight this summer, add this delicious seafood pancit habhab to the spread. It’ll amp up and complement the delicious flavors of your meal.

Ready in: 40 minutes

This pancit recipe is loaded with fresh seafood!

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

8 Halaan at Tahong sa Gata (Seafood in Coconut Milk) Recipe


Don’t just get fresh seafood; also try to source fresh, delicious, creamy gata! It makes quite a difference in making this wonderful yet light tasting soup.

Ready in: 25 minutes

Taste the sea in this light seafood dish.

Photo by Majoy Siason

9 Fresh Seafood in Aligue Recipe

Use ready-made and bottled aligue for this seafood recipe, and you can instantly transform your fresh seafood into an indulgent, dizzyingly good and show-stopping meal.


Ready in: 30 minutes

Taste the freshest flavors of the ocean with this crisp, flavorful dish. Enjoy this dish with a bowl of steamy white rice!

Photo by Patrick Martires

10 Speedy Seafood Laksa Recipe

You can get the creamy flavor bomb that is laksa effortlessly and in little time at all. This hot and hearty soup is perfect for those times you are absolutely starving and need to eat, stat. 

Read in: 13 minutes


Warm up with our ready-in-a-snap version of this fiery but irresistible Asian noodle soup.

Tender squid gets the sizzling treatment for this sisig version.
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Roselle Miranda

11 Squid Sisig Recipe

Who said sisig had to always be fatty pork? Give it a refreshing and flavorful twist by using tender, scrumptious squid!

Ready in: 30 minutes

Seafood lovers will adore this sisig version made of squid.


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All you need is your favorite seafood, seasonings, and a piece of foil or parchment.

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These seafood dishes aren't just for Lent.

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