Easy Simple Recipes For Your Fresh Seafood Delivery

Got fresh fish and seafood? Here are easy recipes to try.

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Got fish and seafood? Then, you will want to try these easy recipes that take advantage of the freshness of your seafood delivery. Fresh fish, whether whole, cuts, or fillets, is one of the best ingredients for cooking. These cook fast and easily under any number of cooking methods. It can be simply fried, steamed, boiled, battered, and even roasted if you have an oven. Shellfish and other seafood are just easy to cook, too! 

However, you don't need to use complicated recipes to make these dishes delicious. Let these easy seafood recipes lead the way for you to find a simple recipe that makes your fresh catch of the day your favorite meal of the day, too.  

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1 Calamansi Fish Fillet Recipe 

You can't go wrong with this recipe. This is one of the tastiest ways to prepare and cook fish, and the best part of this recipe is that it's not just flavorful, you only really need three other ingredients to make it that way: calamansi juice, patis, and garlic.      

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2 Pan-Fried Fish in Citrus Sauce Recipe 

If you love citrus juices and have some to spare, you should try this amazingly flavorful recipe using fish fillets, some olives, garlic, and your choice of oranges and lemons. This is a slight upgrade from your typical calamansi fish fillet recipe, but for those who don't have calamansi anymore, this is a fantastic recipe to get a similar citrusy flavor with different fruits. The olives, meanwhile, give this dish a fantastic saltiness that you just can't get in other ingredients.  

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3 Steamed Soy-Ginger Fish Recipe 

This recipe uses any fish you have on hand. While a whole fish like this one is always impressive on the dining table, any other kind of fish or even fish fillets would benefit from this easy and simple cooking treatment. 

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4 Sinigang na Tilapia Recipe 

Sinigang is one of the more popular dishes you can make at home. It's fast and easy to make and can be made with all of the usual load of sahog the sinigang usually has swimming in its broth or just a few of those ingredients. What makes the sinigang is the broth and the meat you're using. In this recipe, pieces of whole tilapia, cut in half, are simply boiled in the tamarind soup and it really only takes a few minutes in the simmering soup. 


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5 Ginataang Galunggong Recipe  

Galunggong, or the mackerel scad, is one of the most popular fish choices in the market. These affordable fish are fantastic in Filipino recipes! This simple ginataang recipe uses the whole fish gently simmered in a seasoned gata or coconut milk sauce. All this takes is five simple ingredients to create a classic dish. 


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6 Five-Spice Tilapia Recipe   

You can definitely just season whole fish with salt and ground pepper but if you have other ingredients, we think you can level up your simple fried fish with an extra ingredient or two. For this recipe, five is the magic number, as in five-spice powder. This combination of spices, usually cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and the spicy Szechwan peppercorns, is mild but delivers a powerful package of flavor in each pinch you use. So, go sparingly and even just a few pinches are enough to transform your simple fried fish into one that tastes more delicious. 



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7 Tahong sa Tinola Recipe 

Got mussels? Then this is the simplest recipe you can make! These are steamed mussels in ginger and seasoned with patis. The broth that you can sip in between shucking the tahong is where you get the fantastic flavor from the sea. 


Photo by Majoy Siason

Spicy Ginataang Hipon Recipe 

Hipon or shrimps can be a luxury so we think it's just right that you allow its flavors to be enhanced by the ingredients you add to the dish. Coconut milk and shrimps are a fantastic combination already but if you like your food with a little heat, that addition to the party in your bowl will make you need some unli rice to go with it.


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9 Ginisang Pusit Recipe   

You can only have adobong pusit for only so long. On those days you're tired of adobo, this simpler pusit recipe may be what you want and need to cook. This simple stir-fried dish not only cooks fast, but it's also an easy way to use up odds and ends of vegetables that you need to use up, too. 


Photo by Anna Varona

10 Seafood Gising Gising Recipe 

Even if all you have are small amounts of seafood left, you can combine these ingredients to make this appetizing mix of fish, shellfish, and kangkong leaves and stalks in gata. What makes this recipe so great for leftover chunks of ingredients is that you can mix and match the ingredients.


Got sitaw or other green beans leftover from your nilaga? How about some sayote chunks? Chop those up and add those in to heat through. Pick out the meat from clams, crabs, and even shrimp, and chop it up small and stir it in with leftover flakes of flsh. What makes this dish come together is the gata. Everything simmers in it so what you get is a well mixed dish of all the seafood you love. 

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