These Are the Recipes You Should Make When You're Too Tired To Cook

There won't be any hovering over the stove with these recipes!

Have you ever been so tired you just didn't want to cook? We know the feeling. Here's an easy solution: you can prep make-ahead meals and dishes that you only need to reheat or steam. 

What we love about these steamed dishes is that these dishes are essentially already cooked or at the least, cooks easily. You can just reheat or quickly steam—there's little cooking involved!

When you're in a cooking mood, prep these, freeze, and store: these will be lifesavers on days when you don't feel like cooking for a long time:

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1 Pork Embotido Recipe 


This classic meatloaf is a great idea for storing in the freezer. You basically just cook a batch of these flavorful rolls of meat, steam until cooked, and then freeze for another day. It becomes a fast and easy meal that you don't have to fry if you don't want to. 

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Enjoy the easy-to-make Filipino party-staple on weekdays, too!

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2 Steamed Tilapia Recipe 


How can tilapia not be delicious? Not only is it a plentiful fish that's available in any market, it is also easy to cook and prepare. Short on time? You can always make the sauce days before and store until needed. Then just reheat before pouring over the easy-to-cook fish.  

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3 Pork Dumplings in Garlic-Cilantro Sauce Recipe 


There's nothing wrong about not cooking everything from scratch. Here, we used pre-made dumplings from the supermarket and make it intensely flavorful with an aromatic and appetizing sauce that you'll want to spoon over every dumpling you'll eat. 

Why not serve your fave dumplings with a really tasty sauce?

These simply steamed shrimps are the perfect food to dip in this umami-packed dip.
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4 Steamed Shrimp with Sesame Mayo Dip Recipe 


When it comes to steaming, seafood is some of the easiest to cook. Shrimp is no different. You can easily make this dish even faster if you shop the freezer aisle and grab a pack of already prepared shrimps. You can also grab a bottle of your favorite sesame dressing, too. Then it's just a matter of steaming the shrimp, and you're ready to serve. 

There is nothing quite like perfectly cooked shrimp to dip into a delicious, umami-packed dip.

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5 Steamed Ginger Fish Recipe 


What's fantastic about this recipe is that you can put all the ingredients you want in the packets and then store in the refrigerator until it's time to prepare dinner. Pop these in a steamer, let it cook, and then it's easy to serve since you can serve the packets. You can enjoy seeing and smelling your piping hot meal as you open the packet before digging in. 

Steamed fish is made flavorful with a healthy sweet-tangy dressing.

If you're wondering what else you can make that's fast and easy, we have even more recipes that can cure your dinner prep problems: 

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A mom shares their easy #OUFTD (Our Ulam For The Day) that her whole family enjoys.

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Say "Yes!" to this easy version you can make at home.

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Quick, easy and delicious: it's possible for a meal plan to be all three.

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