Easy And Tasty Tofu Recipes To Make For Dinner

These tofu recipes are packed with flavor!

Tofu, or tokwa, may be an underrated ingredient in households who love their meat. If you haven’t given tofu a chance, you should. You can serve it in any number of ways, especially since tofu is a great meat substitute! 

You don’t have to use it as a substitute. Simply fried tofu is great eaten on its own with a dipping sauce of soy sauce and spiced vinegar but you can jazz it up, too. Just change the sauce that you toss it in. Whether you’re a tofu lover or just learning to appreciate the many ways tofu can be cooked and prepared, here are easy tofu recipes that you may want to try and make for dinner:   

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno | Styling by Cleone Baradas

1 Creamy Tofu Sisig Recipe 

If you’re missing the creamy sisig of a certain fried chicken restaurant, look no further! You can recreate it at home using this easy recipe using tofu. The secret is really the creamy mayonnaise dressing that coats each square.    

Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Hot and Sour Soup Recipe 

These orange-hued bowls contain chunks of silken tofu, or soft tofu, that swim in the delicious and super flavorful broth. The soup is what tastes hot and sour. Chinese vinegar is what gives this hot and sour soup its tang while the chili garlic sauce gives it a hot or spicy kick. It helps that this is best served while hot so the texture of the soup doesn’t liquefy as it cools down.       

Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Tokwang Adobo sa Gata Recipe 

Adobo is simply delicious, so it’s just right that if you’re looking for a meat substitute, tofu is the way to do it easily. However, did you know that adobong tokwa is just as delicious when you add some gata or coconut milk to the mix? It is and you’ll have to make it yourself to be just as addicted to this version as the original.      


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4 Spaghetti with Tofu Meatballs Recipe 

Spaghetti and meatballs may not be super simple but if you really want to take the meat out of the meal, this is a fantastic way to introduce it. These meatballs look so good, no one needs to know it’s not made of meat.   


5 Spicy Tofu Mayonnaise Recipe 

The burger can be as meaty as you like but healthier eats can be delicious with some adjustment. This burger is made with black beans while the mayonnaise is made with tofu. That makes this burger meatless but remains totally flavorful. Plus, there’s no need to fear the uncooked egg yolk in the mayonnaise because the tofu takes the place of the egg, giving it a creamy consistency that’s surprising but delicious. 

Photo by Dairy Darilag

6 Dan Dan Noodles Recipe 

Don’t these noodles look fantastic? This recipe is one of those classic Chinese recipes that have many variations but don’t be intimidated by the number of ingredients! It’s easy to cook once all the ingredients are prepared. Plus, you don’t need to skip the meat for this recipe if you don’t need to.

However, the smoked tofu may be difficult to get your hands on. Instead, just use the usual firm tofu and let the other ingredients make up for its flavor. It’s delicious with or without the smoked tofu because the sauce mixture is flavorful already. You can even make a spicy version! 

Photo by At Maculangan

7 Tofu Scramble Recipe

Who would have thought that tofu can be an egg substitute for more than just your baking recipes? Firm tofu is squeezed and given a good crumble before being tossed in a frying pan. The paleness of the tofu is offset when you add this surprising but almost flavorless spice: ground turmeric. The turmeric colors the tofu egg-yellow but is supported by other spices and salt to make you think that you really are eating an egg. Whether you’re eating this for breakfast or want breakfast for dinner, this is another great way to introduce tofu into your everyday meals.   

Making tofu a more regular part of your meals can be a delicious exercise in broadening your cooking skills. What other tofu recipes are you interested in making for dinner? 




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