No-Meat, Easy Gulay Recipe Ideas To Make

These are all made with super tasty veggies.

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Side dishes are usually made with gulay or vegetables. It's the accompaniment to the meat dish, whether it's fried, roasted, steamed, or stewed. 

Why make it the side dish when it can be the star on your table? 

The humble gulay can be the start of a hearty and filling meal and you can do that by making sure that each dish you prepare is super tasty. Let your favorite gulay be the main dish. Here are easy gulay recipe ideas to try according to your favorite vegetable: 

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1 Togue Recipes 

The humble togue or bean sprouts are a classic ingredient for vegetable dishes. Try these recipes: 

  • ‚ÄĘ Lumpiang Gulay Recipe - A classic¬†lumpia that ditches the meat and uses lots of different vegetables to bulk up the filling.¬† ¬†¬†
  • ‚ÄĘ Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts Recipe - This usually is paired with meat but¬†this is just as tasty served on top of steamed rice, especially if it's got chunks of tofu.
  • ‚Äʬ†Ensaladang Togue Recipe - A simple salad using togue can be a light but satisfying side dish. Bulk it up and make it super tasty with more¬†greens and an addicting dressing.¬†
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2 Kamote Recipes

The kamote or sweet potato is the hearty but sweet vegetable that can make many dishes more filling. 

  • ‚ÄĘ Kamote Hash Browns Recipe- Make it¬†easy and use a grater to turn the kamote into strands to make this easy, fried breakfast.¬†
  • ‚ÄĘ Tofu Scramble with Kamote Fries Recipe - The kamote may be a side but it's the rice to the ulam of this meal.¬†
  • ‚ÄĘ Sweet Potato Toast Recipe -¬†Change up your avocado toast for one that's definitely more hearty than any bread! The orange kamote makes for a delicious change.¬†¬†

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3 Potato Recipes

One of the most beloved and hearty vegetables is the potato. Here are recipes to try where it gets to shine: 

  • ‚ÄĘ Adobong¬†Itlog¬†at Patatas Recipe - Adobo is super tasty¬†and potatoes are great at absorbing flavors so this is super tasty and hearty at the same time.¬†
  • ‚ÄĘ Potato Omelet Recipe - A simple omelet can be made more hearty with the addition of potatoes.¬†
  • ‚Äʬ† Aloo Gobi (Potato-Cauliflower Curry) Recipe - This Indian¬†dish is a testament to how delicious a potato dish can be even on its own. The curry¬†is¬†flavorful and the cauliflower¬†gives a different texture to the dish.¬†

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4 Cabbage Recipes

Cabbage can be used in many ways! Here are recipes to try: 

  • ‚Äʬ†Tortang Repolyo Recipe - A simple omelet made¬†into a meal that's delicious and is¬†fast an easy to put together, too.¬†
  • ‚Äʬ†Vegetarian Pancit Recipe - This pancit canton recipe is delicious even without the meat!

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5 Carrot Recipes

The carrot is easy to cook and can even be used raw in dishes. Here are hearty dishes with carrots to try: 

  • ‚Äʬ†Ginisang Gulay at Tokwa¬†Recipe - The vegetable mix of this stir fry is¬†what takes up¬†time but once you have it all prepared, it's just a matter of¬†tossing it all together until it's flavorful and delicious.¬†
  • ‚ÄĘ Lumpiang Hubad Recipe - This medley of vegetables is usually stuffed into lumpia but it's just as delicious¬†as is on top of lettuce leaves.¬†

What are your favorite vegetables to make? 


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