Here Are 3 Ways To Cook Eggs + All The Recipes You Need

Eggs can be intimidating to cook!

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If you've ever had doubts about how to cook an egg right, we've gathered all the tips you need to overcome that mental challenge and face it. Once you do, an extra filling and delicious meal will always be ready to make. 

How to poach an egg

Would you believe it's easy to poach an egg? In fact, it's so easy, there are at least three easy ways to do it! Easy poached eggs are not only easy to do, but it can also be as easy as just boiling an egg and it's faster, too. You just need to know a few tips and tricks to make sure that egg is perfectly done. Here's what you should know: 

  1. 1 Use the freshest the eggs. This ensures that the egg whites are as tightly connected to the egg yolks as possible, creating the perfect little round white rounds. 
  2. 2 Strain out the liquid whites. It's the liquid egg whites that create those wispy tendrils that mar your perfect little egg. Prevent that by discarding any liquid whites that don't cling to your egg yolk. 
  3. 3 Use a little vinegar. The acidity in the vinegar will help your whites firm up faster, keeping the egg white tight and round.
  4. 4 Use a frying pan. The deeper the pan, the harder it is to keep your eye on it. Plus, the flat side of the pan will make it easier to lay on your food later. 
  5. 5 Eat it immediately. There's nothing worse than food that has gone cold, and this is especially true for eggs. As soon as it's cooked, eat up! 
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Once you get the hang of poaching, you may never go back to a boiled egg again! To get your even more inspired, here are a few recipes you can make that features a perfectly cooked poached egg on top! 

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1 Chicken and Asparagus Fettucine Recipe 

You gotta love a pasta dish that pairs your favorites in one. Chicken is grilled until just tender while the baby asparagus add a freshness to the dish. Taking this meal especially appetizing is the perfectly poached egg on top. 


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2 Garlic Pasta with Adobo Flakes and Poached Eggs Recipe 

If you ever get tired of your usual silog dishes every morning and have tried all the ways you can have your silog, that's okay because there are always ways to make it into your dinner meal instead. Use pasta instead! This recipe is basically a garlic pasta tossed with adobo flakes and instead of your usual fried egg, a poached egg is served on top to make it feel even more elegant than anything you will eat for breakfast. 


This is how to perfectly boil hard-boiled eggs.
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How to boil an egg 

Boiling an egg is probably the one skill many of us learned first. Everyone can boil water and since all you do is add the egg, it's practically effortless! What can make it frustrating is knowing how long to leave it in the water as it boils. 


We have tips for this, too: 

  1. 1 Add eggs first. There are those who believe otherwise but we think this is the easier, no-fuss route. Add the eggs and water, turn it on then you can leave it alone until it's ready to remove instead of having to wait for that perfect moment. 
  2. 2 Add enough water. You're going to need at least an inch of water above the egg so you envelop the eggs in that hot, boiling water.   
  3. 3 Peel it while hot. Once you've boiled it to your desired doneness (soft boiled or hard), drain the water and then run it through water just until it is just bearable to hold. Then crack it all over, dunk in water, then peel it while it's still hot. This technique ensures that the egg whites stay as whole as possible since the cooling egg will slightly shrink as it starts to lose heat. 

This comforting bowl of lugaw is the simplest lugaw recipe ever but one of the tastiest.
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3 Lugaw with Egg Recipe 

There are few simpler recipes than this one and one of the key ingredients is that perfectly boiled egg. We even have a great tip for this easy rice porridge recipe to making this recipe even easier: boil the eggs together with the rice and as soon as the eggs are ready, take each out and set these aside until ready to serve. No extra pot of boiling water necessary! 


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4 Pancit Malabon Recipe  

These thick rice noodles coated in an equally thick shrimp and pork sauce is a favorite merienda. While it's delicious on its own, it's just not the same if you don't have all the right toppings to go with it. That means you have to have the butterflied shrimp, squid rings, slices of hard-boiled eggs, and of course, the generous dusting of a lot of crushed chicharon for crunch. 


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5 Easy Spicy Deviled Eggs Recipe 

Deviled eggs may sound intimidating but the most intimidating part is cooking that many perfectly boiled eggs! You'll need at least hard-boiled eggs to pull off this flavorful party recipe but the hardest part can be easy if you keep our tips in mind. Don't worry! You'll be rewarded with amazingly delicious eggs immediately right after. 


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How to fry an egg

There are a few ways to fry an egg and one of our favorite ways is either on high heat or on super low heat. While both are done in a nonstick frying pan (Always!) and in a little oil, the two different heat settings produces two different types of fried eggs: one with super crispy edges and one with a picture-perfect egg that's just perfect. 


Here's what to do: 

  1. 1 Use a nonstick frying pan with oil. You'll need a nonstick frying pan for eggs for no-fuss results and no matter what it claims, add a little oil to help it get slick and super nonstick. 
  2. 2 Add the egg. Use a bowl or break it right in the pan. Either way, as soon as your oil is at the right temperature, high or low, it starts cooking as it hits it.
  3. 3 Remove when the whites are firm. This way, you still get that perfectly runny egg yolk. (Don't like runny yolks? Baste it with the hot oil or just let it continue cooking until it's at your desired doneness.) 
  4. 4 Serve immediately. Just like poached eggs, fried eggs are best served as soon as it leaves the pan. 


Bangus Belly with Fried Egg Recipe 

We love silogs! Breakfast meals are always a good idea no matter what time of the day it is. So, it's no wonder how daing na bangus is one of those dishes that won't grow old, especially when it's served as healthily as this one. Garlic rice is made better using red rice, the salsa is made of fresh carrots, sweet mangoes, and a touch of salty, umami-packed bagoong, and a perfectly fried egg on top with the crisp fried bangus belly are all you need to make your day start just right.   


7 Korean-Style Steak and Eggs Recipe 

Kimchi and other Korean ingredients have basically made its home in our kitchens as well as our hearts. Kimchi, in particular, was one of the first Korean ingredients to go mainstream, it became available in major supermarkets! That's why making kimchi rice is not only fast to make, it's also easier since it's a staple and easily available. It also helps that it's incredibly flavorful and delicious, too, especially when paired with our favorite silog toppings and sides. 

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All these recipes are just a few of the hundreds of ways you can add eggs to your meal. We have more ideas on how to add it to your daily menu of recipe ideas, so we're confident that you can, too. Make eggs your favorite add-on to your meal and it, too, can be just a sunny as that perfectly fried egg. 


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