Delicious Eggplant Recipes You Can Make

This humble vegetable is a versatile ingredient.

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The talong variant we are most familiar with is what's known internationally as the Japanese eggplant. It is a long and thin variety that is an intense purple color that's almost black. Eggplants generally have firm, spongy interiors colored beige with a greenish tint but this thin variety has seeds so tiny, it's almost seedless, especially on the younger fruits.

If you're a fan of eggplants and love dishes that include it in the ingredients, here are delicious eggplant recipes you should try.  

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1 Pinakbet Recipe 

No eggplant recipe list is complete without the pinakbet. This lowland recipe is composed of vegetables that are commonly grown in warmer climates compared to those grown in higher altitudes or in the mountainous regions. These ingredients include the eggplant, ampalaya or bitter gourd, okra or ladyfingers, kalabasa or squash, sitaw or string beans, and kamatis or tomatoes. All of these ingredients are simply stir-fried with onions, garlic, and bagoong or fermented salted shrimp paste for a burst of flavor that's hard to miss. 

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2 Adobong Talong Recipe 

Few people don't like adobo, so anyone who loves adobo and eggplants will love this recipe. The adobong talong is incredibly flavorful, and it's all thanks to the signature flavors of the soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic marinade. 

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3 Tortang Talong Recipe  

Another classic eggplant dish, this recipe is basically an eggplant topped with ground meat and made into an omelet. While it sounds easy enough to make, what makes this dish into a more complicated dish is the fact that the eggplant should be grilled first to remove the outer skin delicately and soften the eggplant to be shredded.


4 Eggplant Lasagna Recipe 

Pasta is universally loved but there is a vegetable version that uses eggplants as part or even as a substitute for the lasagna noodles. You can use the eggplant as part of the filling or leave out the pasta for a carb-free version that anyone who is looking for a specific dish will appreciate. The ground beef can be a more traditional tomato meat sauce or take the longganisa route where the cured garlicky pork creates texture and bold flavors.       


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5 Sauteed Eggplant and Pork Recipe 

You can flavor eggplants and ground pork in many ways but if you prefer your dishes with a kick of spicy heat, this Thailand-inspired recipe will be perfect for your meal. There are many ingredients in this recipe that give this powerful flavor: lemongrass, soy sauce, ginger, oyster sauce, brown sugar, and bird's eye chili for the heat. You can also simply go the simpler but still spicier route by using the Korean red chili paste or gochujang and sesame oil or try a hotpot version that lets the pork be the star with the eggplant as a supporting ingredient.       



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6 Easy Pork Chop with Eggplant Recipe 

How do you make fried pork chops different yet still super delicious and appetizing? Jazz it up with some fried eggplants in a sauce seasoned with lots of garlic and oyster sauce. This pork chop recipe satisfies anyone who needs a meal that's fast, easy, and delicious. 


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7 Ginisang Talong Recipe 

This is an easy eggplant recipe. It's simply stir-fried with tomatoes to allow the eggplant's natural golden browned flavor shine. For a subtle touch of flavor, sprinkle on sesame seeds before serving or add a bigger burst of warmth and tangy flavors by drizzling on some sesame dressing.


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