You’ll Need Extra Rice for These Mouthwatering Dishes

Say no to rice-shaming! That second cup is more normal than you think.

Filipinos absolutely love rice, and shouldn’t be ashamed of it! What makes rice even more enjoyable? Ulam with lots and lots of flavor! Think about sauces that you can pour over hot steamed rice and gravy that gets soaked up in an instant. These dishes are just 100% worth the extra rice—you’ll see!


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Follow these easy steps to get fluffy steamed rice!



1 Sizzling Beef Tadyang

This dish has tender beef, crisp veggies, and lots of tamarind-flavored gravy. It's the perfect dish to eat with rice. 

This dish is a mix of Filipino sinigang and tadyang!



2 Lengua Estofado

This dish has ox tongue slowly braised into a tomato sauce until tender. It needs the rice because of the rich flavor of the sauce. 

This dish has ox tongue slowly braised into a tomato sauce until tender.



3 Honey-Ginger Pork and Chorizo Rice

This dish as sweet and savory flavors in one bite! Add extra oomph to your rice by including chorizo in the mix. 

Sweet-salty pork over savory rice? Yes, please!



4 Filipino Kare-Kare

It's impossible to eat this Filipino favorite without a cup or two of rice! 

Kare-kare is a peanut-based beef stew and a Filipino favorite.



5 Bistek Filipino Rice

This beef dish has lots of sauce that is meant to be soaked up by rice. 

Filipino bistek, or beef steak, is a saucy beef dish best served with lots of rice!



6 Cheesy Beef Rice Topping

Extra gravy, please! Looking for a filling meal? Whip up this rice topping with common ingredients.

Make a simple rice meal with pantry staples: beef strips, corn, and cheese.



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