5-Ingredient Recipes That Will Save You from Busy Weeknights

Dinner will be ready in only a few minutes!

For days when you need to put food on the table fast, it’s great to have a couple of go-to recipes up your sleeve! We rounded up our favorite recipes that only have 5 main ingredients to help you get through dinner prep easily.


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Pesto sauce can give a flavor boost to roast chicken, baked fish, and even soups!


You can also use these recipes as a guide on your next trip to the grocery: pick up your main proteins and stock up on pantry staples (if you don’t already have them at home) like salt, pepper, cooking, oil, garlic, and onions. You’ll be surprised at how easy dinner can be!



1 Pan-Seared Pork Chops Recipe

Sear your pork chops with sweet marmalade to give flavor to it easily. Remember: don’t overcook your pork chops! This dish can be ready in 20 minutes or less.


This sweet-and-salty pork chop recipe can be ready in only 20 minutes.

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Cook tender and juicy pork chops all the time by avoiding these cooking mistakes!




2 Garlic Fried Chicken Recipe

This fried chicken recipe only needs to sit on an easy-to-make marinade for a few minutes: calamansi juice, fish sauce, and black pepper.


Everyone loves fried chicken. This version is extra garlicky!




3 Stir-Fried Shrimp with Basil Recipe

Quick-cooking shrimp doesn’t need a lot of attention! Toss it with your favorite greens and pair it with rice, pasta, or bread.


Pair this easy shrimp stir-fry with pasta or rice!




4 Pork Adobo Flakes Recipe

Take your leftover adobo out of the freezer and give your next dish a crunchy twist. Serve adobo flakes with a light tomato salsa and sunny side-up eggs.


Pork adobo leftovers can be turned into crunchy adobo flakes!




5 Tuyo Fried Rice Recipe

What’s a quicker meal to put together than fried rice? Salty tuyo will give the dish an instant lift.


This fried rice recipe combines two Pinoy favorites: sinangag and dried fish!




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Chicken stir-fry recipes make the best fuss-free dinners.

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Some dishes cost under P20 per serving!


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