Here Are All The Fast Food Recipe Hacks You Need To Know

Missing your favorite restaurant and fast food dishes?

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Do you miss eating out and want to relive those flavors any way you can? Do you especially miss your favorite dishes that you used to order on a regular basis or when the craving hits? 

We hear it, and we totally understand. However, during times like these when you cannot go out that often and must stay at home, we have a great meal plan for you to try so that even if you can't go out, you can still have a chance to taste your favorite food

Are you missing a particular dish that you want to recreate? Here are all the recipe hacks that will take you through breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, and any breaks in between that you need to know to plan your day: 

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1 Pancake Recipes  

A box of pancake mix is a highly versatile mix of ingredients that can be hacked to be any number of dishes, even chocolate chip cookies and mini donuts! However, if you're missing the fluffy pancakes that were made special when you used to eat out, you can recreate that at home! 

Love coffee? You can stir instant coffee granules to make coffee pancakes! That fluffy stack of ube pancakes that was so popular a few years back is also easily hacked using ube halaya so you can enjoy a tower of this on a plate at home. For jiggly pancake lovers, if you're craving this, you can learn how to make it by watching how Japanese souffle pancakes are made and then, trying it yourself by following the recipe to a tee! 

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2 Fried Chicken Recipes  

A fried chicken lunch is probably on your list of must-try recipes, and the food industry isn't playing around when it says that you can cook their famous chicken recipes at home. You can buy frozen marinated chicken packs from your favorite fast-food restaurants at selected supermarkets and groceries. 

Even if these aren't available, you can hack a recipe to cook a recipe that's pretty close to what you want. For those who want a particularly complicated fried chicken recipe, you can make the fried chicken recipe that calls for a seasoning that has 11 different herbs and spices or you can try the famous orange chicken recipe from a famous Chinese restaurant, too!  


These potatoes taste just like the fried chicken you're eating with it.
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3 Side Dishes Recipes 

You may eat your favorite lunch meal with simply steamed rice but if you're the foodie we know you are, you may want something different to pair with your main dish come meal time. You can have it paired with a pancit bihon palabok or the sweet-style spaghetti that's a hack from your favorite fast-food restaurant or perhaps you want to eat it with rounds of tender fried potatoes or mojos that you've been dying to try. 

The famous chicken nuggets (plus a barbecue sauce hack) and the flavored French fries are also great pairings for your main. 

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4 Merienda Recipes 

That famous pastry stuffed with tuna is easy to recreate if you have the ingredients. However, sometimes a little ingenuity and creativity is all that's needed to make it as one home cook hacked the recipe using bread slices instead of the puff pastry that the restaurant usually uses. 

Are you missing your favorite street food? You can make your own fish balls, kikiam, squid balls, kwek-kwek, and even chicharon bulaklak and chicken skin, too!  

This red velvet cake recipe is straight from M Bakery.
Photo by courtesy of M Bakery

5 Desserts and Drinks Recipes 

If you miss going to the bakery for a slice of your favorite cake, you may want to recreate this stunning red velvet cake with its sinfully decadent cream cheese frosting straight from the recipe book of the famous bakery itself. If the coffee shop was your haunt before, you can pair that slice of cake with a dessert drink! You can make this icy coffee drink with coffee jelly and whipped cream on top or make a brown sugar-infused milk tea version at home, too.    

What recipe hacks from your favorite restaurants and establishments do you want to see recreated? 


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