These Are All The Pinoy-Style Recipes You Should Learn To Make

These dishes get tweaked and made Filipino.

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Recipes are meant to be guides. There is really no rule that says you have to follow a recipe as is. That is, unless you're trying to learn how a particular recipe is supposed to taste like. However, once you know what a recipe should taste like, you are completely free to start tweaking it to make it your own.

From simply changing an ingredient to changing the way a dish is cooked, you can swap out, add, remove, replace, and otherwise change a recipe to meet the tastes and flavors that you want. 

One of the many reasons to change a recipe is by making it taste the way you want it to.   

How do you make a Filipino recipe? 

Everyone has their own taste, and when it comes to Pinoy dishes, we all know we have a sweet tooth. No matter what your tastebuds dictate, you can be sure that a few tweaks here and there can make a recipe taste totally different from what it originally was supposed to taste like. Here are some Pinoy-style recipes you should try: 

Photo by Riell Santos
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1 Make barbecue sweeter with this Pinoy-Style Barbecue Recipe. 

No other pork barbecue can claim to be this delicious and nostalgic. These tender pork sticks slathered in a sticky, orange-red sauce is courtesy of a few Filipino ingredients. The surprise ingredient of this barbecue recipe has to be the lemon-lime soda that not only adds flavor, but also tenderizes the pork unlike anything else. 


Photo by Bianca Laxamana

2 Make pasta extra creamy with a Pinoy-style Carbonara Recipe. 

This isn't your classic carbonara recipe! When it comes to pasta, there are two kinds that will divide the typical Pinoy into two pasta-loving categories: those who love the Sweet-Style Spaghetti recipes and those who love the ultra-creamy Pinoy-style Carbonara recipe. Whichever camp you are on, you can have your spaghetti either red or white, and you would still be a happy pasta diner.  


Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 Cook beef in calamansi using this Pinoy-Style Beef Steak Recipe. 

It's not unusual to see our balikbayans using lemons in such a unique way. Only a Pinoy would marinate their beef in a marinade made of just soy sauce and citrus juice. That's because they probably want to recreate the distinct flavor of the calamansi in their beef steak recipe! It's a great substitute but nothing can beat the flavor that the calamansi provides.  


Photo by Miguel Nacianceno | Styling by Rachelle Santos

4 Cook the crispiest-skinned fried chicken with this Pinoy-style Fried Chicken Recipe.

Ditch the flour! You don't need it to make your fried chicken crispy. In fact, the Pinoy-style fried chicken doesn't use it and it creates the most crispy fried chicken pieces you will ever bite into. Not only that, the way we do it ensures that that bite is also a tender and juicy one, too.  


Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

5 Roast or grill a Filipino-style pork ribs recipe. 

Only Pinoys will use a bottle of ketchup that's made of bananas but that's exactly what makes this pork rib recipe so delicious and nostalgic! The distinct taste of banana ketchup makes these pork ribs sticky, sweet, and tasty. You have to try it first before you can say it's anything but flavorful. 


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Photo by Bianca Laxamana

6 Use tuyo for this Pinoy-style Caesar Salad Recipe. 

Not all salads need to be so unattainable when it comes to its ingredients. For this Pinoy-style recipe, a classic Caesar salad uses distinctly Pinoy ingredients to make it easy to make and still remain as delicious as the original recipe. Tuyo replaces the hard-to-find anchovies and while Parmesan is the classic cheese to use, grated queso de bola will work just as well, too. This is perfect for the holidays.  


Photo by Patrick Martires

7 Bake this Pinoy-style Cheese Cupcakes Recipe for dessert or merienda. 

We Pinoys love the sweet and salty combo. In fact, even our desserts are guilty of this flavor profile! We have ensaymadas which have sugar as well as cheddar cheese sprinkled on top of its bun and yema cakes with a condensed milk and cheese topping. It should be no surprise that these otherwise ordinary-looking naked cupcakes are sweet and salty, too, courtesy of (you guessed it!) cheese.


Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

8 Make this ultimate Filipino brownie recipe using tablea

Brownies are definitely a Western recipe but who says it needs to stay that way? With this recipe, we topped a basic brownie recipe with all the ingredients that could make it taste like a recipe a homesick Pinoy would love on top. From dried mango bits to pinipig or toasted ice flakes, this is one brownie that can fulfill your sweet tooth in full. 


These Filipino-style dishes are recipes tweaked and made to taste the way a Pinoy would love it to taste. From barbecue and brownies to spaghetti and salad, these Pinoy-style recipes are sure to satisfy your homesickness. 


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