Filipino Ulam Pinoy Recipes Using Bagoong

Shrimp paste is the not-so-secret ingredient for these flavorful dishes.

Bagoong alamang or shrimp paste has a reputation that makes anyone either love it or hate it. If you adore this pungent, briny, and sweet condiment despite the odor, you need to know more recipes that make this an ingredient. 

Here are some awesome recipes that use bagoong alamang to make each dish extra flavorful and appetizing: 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

1 Bagoong Rice Recipe

You don’t have to make anything fancy to enjoy the flavors of the bagoong in your dish. It can easily be added to fried rice mixes since it’s a paste and easily mixes well as long as you toss it well while still hot. 

Cook and serve it under a generous serving of seafood for your bagoong rice or just top it with some deliciously tangy tamarind-flavored fish fillets. 

Photo by Jeffrey G. Tan

2 Ginisang Gulay with Bagoong and Gata Recipe

A simple preparation using bagoong can turn normally mundane tasting ingredients into a dish that’ becomes quite spectacular tasting. This is what happens when you toss your everyday vegetables into a sauce made extra delicious with bagoong and gata


if you’re one of those people who love anything that has gata in it, you will surely be unable to resist this veggie dish! 

3 Inihaw Na Liempo With Peanut-Bagoong Sauce Recipe 

Grilled food always seem to taste better. For this recipe, the grilled pork is well seasoned already that you might wonder why there’s a dipping sauce. If you’re Pinoy, you know we’re all about the sawsawan and inihaw needs some on the side to make it extra appetizing no matter how the inihaw is prepared! 

You don’t even need to grill pork or peanuts to make this sauce! Fry up some crispy lechon kawali and make a super tasty bagoong sauce to serve with it. 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

4 Pork Binagoongan Recipe with Talong 

Pork binagoonan is a classic bagoong recipe. It replaces any salt that you might otherwise use to flavor the pork and let’s the briny taste of the shrimp do the job for it. The resulting dish is super flavorful that you’ll need som unli rice to savor it all! 


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Feel free to make it simpler with just the sitaw or even swapping out the meat for beef or even chicken. You can even make it with lechon kawali if you happen to have some leftover! 

5 Kare Kare Pasta Recipe 

Would you believe that a kare kare pasta could be delicious? If you think about it, kare kare sauce is really a peanut sauce that you can toss with egg noodles if it were a Chinese dish or Italian pasta if you wanted a peanutty sauce for a change. Flavor the kare kare sauce with bagoong so you don’t miss out on the shrimp taste that you know you’re going to be looking for. 

Photo by Majoy Siason

6 Apan Apan Recipe

This regional dish is a delicious kangkong and ground pork dish. What makes this so good is the simple sauce that is made with classic Pinoy condiments: vinegar, sugar, garlic, onions, and of course, bagoong to replace any salt you might need. 


If you need a bagoong recipe so you can make your shrimp paste to your taste, here is a fantastic from-scratch recipe for a ginisang bagoong recipe, plus articles about how to store your bagoong and more ideas on how to use it in recipes. 


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