Everything You Need To Know About Using Pancake Mixes

We've got hacks to make it amazing.

For some, the concept of pancakes from scratch is alien. Why bother when the instant stuff is pretty good? We get it. Instant pancake mixes also happen to be the gateway item to get a lot of people into cooking. It's something so easy to use that even kids can do it! This early exposure to cooking and producing something rewarding and delicious is an experience that stays with you to adulthood.

That's why it's time to take your appreciation for pancake mixes to the next level. Here are some tips and tricks you can use next time you reach for that handy box of instant breakfast:

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1 Make waffles!

Pancakes and waffles, are at their core, two different things but did you know you could make waffles using pancake mix? Waffles are lighter and crisper in comparison. It achieves that big difference thanks to a waffle iron and a few tweaks. Click on the link below to find out how exactly you can use your pancake mix for your waffle iron. Don't worry! We're pretty sure you have the additional ingredients needed.

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2 Choose the right brand.

If you want to know the specific brand your taste buds will love, a little trial and error might be in order. Brands do matter when it comes to pancakes! If you don't have time to do some testing of your own, consult our taste test below to see if it's worth it to switch your brand favorite!

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3 You can make a carrot pancake!

Add some pumpkin spice or a combination of ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves to the flour. Then, proceed with the pancake mix instructions. When you've got your pancake batter, simply stir in finely grated carrots. Instant carrot cake pancakes!

You can also toss in some toasted and candied walnuts, maybe even top the stack with cream cheese! It's a quick change that adds veggies and interest to your pancakes.

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4 You can easily make cheesy pancakes.

Add grated cheese to your pancakes because why not? Cheese makes everything better. You can also make sure each pancake has an adequate amount of cheese by timing when you put it. Here's what we suggest: pour your pancake batter in the pan as you usually do, then add the cheese. You'll get gooey cheesy pockets without the cheese melting into the batter. After all, there's nothing worse than expecting cheesy pancakes and finding no cheese at all! 

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5 Use it to make easy corn dogs.

Make the pancake batter as usual and pour it in a tall glass. Dip your skewered hotdogs in the batter and immediately deep fry in 350 degrees Fahrenheit oil. This won't have that cornmeal grit to it, but it is insanely easier and cheaper to make. These corn dogs are best paired with ketchup, mustard, and mayo!

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6 You can also add canned fruits!

To add chunks of peaches, canned blueberries, or whole sweet corn kernels, make sure you drain it first. You don't want to put too much liquid in your batter which can change the consistency and you'll end up thin, unappealing pancakes.

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7 Add ube to make it extra!

Add earthiness and that brilliant purple color by adding your favorite halaya! This easy hack makes the basic pancake mix phenomenal.

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Oct 16, 2017

Pancake mixes just got even better, don't you think? There are so many ways to play with it. Don't be limited to this list! Feel free to test out your own recipes, and use it to feed your wild imagination with something delicious.

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