These Easy-to-Make Dishes Are Great With Beer!

Need a snack to go with that beer? Try any of these quick recipes for a twist on some old classics.

Beer, with its spectrum of flavors (sweet, bitter, or even bready flavors, thanks to the yeast) can be paired with a lot of dishes. Let your beer and pulutan pairings rise to its potential with these recipes you can make at home:

1 Sisig Always Wins

It’s a classic for a reason. Imagine the sisig—sizzling hot, its fragrant aroma entering your nostrils, and then with every crunchy, chewy bite, you unleash a burst of flavors: salty, savory, smoky, sour, and spicy. Then, you wash it down with an ice-cold pint of beer that cleanses your palate, ready to start again. 


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Take sisig to the next level with crunchy lechon kawali!

Learn how to make this popular Pinoy bar chow.

2 Make Your Pork Barbecue Tastier 

You can expect pork barbecue to be on every party spread. You can always depend on it to be good. But being dependably good can get boring. Dress up store-bought barbecue with a range of easy dips. Make an easy Sriracha-Honey Dip (one part sriracha, one part honey, and one part simple syrup), Sesame Soy Dip (1 cup mayo, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, one tablespoon sesame oil, some sesame seeds, and a teaspoon of brown sugar), or try any of these other vibrant-tasting dips:


You can use this barbecue sauce on pork, chicken, and beef.

Make this spice rub and barbecue sauce for guys who enjoy grilling at home.

3 Munch On These Salty-Spicy Crispy Dilis

Did you know that adding salt can bring out the sweetness of foods on your palate? If you've ever dipped a bitter grapfruit into a little salt and noticed it getting sweeter, you're not imagining things. Salt is basically a magical ingredient! That same rule applies when you pair the saltiness of dilis with the bitterness of the beer. Plus, seafood goes really well with beer!


Dried fish gets the spicy and sweet treatment, and it's delicious and addicting.

4 Pig Out with Tokwa’t Baboy

You know what makes tokwa’t baboy so amazing? Tokwa has this crunchy crust but a really absorbent, tender inside that soaks up the wonderful flavors released by the pork. This easy and accessible pulutan is also really quick to whip up for those impromptu party nights. Check out the short-but-sweet video below on how to make this bar-snack favorite.


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The secret to this Pinoy bar chow is letting the pork and tofu simmer in the sauce so it soaks up the flavor!

5 Pair-Up with Calamari

Calamari is so addictive! Every bite of tender squid coated in the perfect, light, crispy batter that's dipped in a delicious creamy dip is so highly satisfying. The key to perfection is in the batter so be sure to check out our recipes! Your friends will love you when you serve this at your next session. 


Add more flavors to calamari with the addition of simple ingredients.

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There are only two ways to cook squid: short and fast or long and slow.

6 Get Crazy for Kinilaw

The best way to have tuna is at its freshest! The Japanese know this and us Filipinos do, too! You can also choose tanigue, a local fish that’s similarly firm-fleshed. Can you imagine doing this: enjoying an ice cold beer and fresh-from-the-sea kinilaw while lazily reclining on the beach? We bet you do! Learn to make this easy, no-cook recipe: 


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This is our version of the ceviche and it's an incredibly tasty and refreshing dish.

Kinilaw is the perfect dish for the summer months. Here's a classic recipe you can serve as an appetizer or a side dish.

7 Level-Up the Liempo

Grilled liempo’s smoky and salty flavor profile perfectly complements the beer. Be sure to check out our recipes to get your liempo game on point with the perfect marinade to tenderize and season your pork belly.

Peanuts add spike and bring out the flavors of each spice in the sauce.

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Learn how to make the classic grilled pork belly dish.


8 Do More with Chicharon

Yes, chicharon is wonderful as is, but it can be made even better! Add dimension to your chicharon by seasoning it with more than just salt (or MSG). Make your own chicharon or buy a pack of ready-cooked pork skins and simply toss it all in a mixture of smoked paprika, garlic powder, white pepper, dried marjoram and a pinch of sugar. It creates a flavor-bomb of spicy, sweet, and savory that you'll love.  

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This Pinoy street food and appetizer is so addicting, you won't stop at one piece!

You can make this popular street food at home!


9 Get Cheesy with Cheese Sticks

We’re not the first ones to tell you that cheese and beer is a great combo. You can upgrade your cheese stick experience by being creative, too! You can add strips of pimiento, a dash of curry powder, or julienned tomatoes into each stick so each bite is a burst of flavors.

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Ooozing cheese is what you'll get with each bite from this easy cheese sticks recipe.


10 Cap It Off with a Crunch

How to stop eating kropek once you get started—that’s what we want to know. It’s quite a task! We think it's because we like to dip it in sweet and spicy dips like a spiced vinegar or a spicy ketchup enhanced with salt, pepper or sweet chili sauce. If you're not into kropek, we have other crispy stuff you can make for any inuman session:

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Planning to have a movie marathon at home? Make a big batch of these crunchy chips and snack on 'em instead of popcorn!

What's a healthier alternative to potato chips? These baked tofu munchies!

It doesn’t have to be October to celebrate beer! Just remember to drink responsibly and cook up these classics for a great inuman session with your barkada in the comfort of your home! You can’t find better beer chow than these.


Dried fish gets the spicy and sweet treatment, and it's delicious and addicting.

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What to serve with cocktails or beer.

For the perfect beer match, indulge in these crispy pork cracklings (chicharon).

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