Make Your Fried Chicken Extra Crispy + Crunchy With These Breading Ideas

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Fried chicken recipes are a delicious meal all on its own. Admit it. You don't always need anything else! The crunchy skin hides the tender, succulent meat, and it's this combination of crispy and juicy that will always make it a winner dinner. 

There may be hundreds of fried chicken recipes you can look at and try, and there are many common ingredients that make up a basic fried chicken recipe. Many fried chicken recipes call for using flour to create that crispy exterior that we all love so much. Some even list down a combination of flour and cornstarch sometimes to give it extra crunch. 

It's best to season this breading made of flour so it's flavorful. However, there are some coatings that already have their own flavors, and it's these fried chicken recipe ideas that you need to try to level up your fried chicken game.  

Here are five fried chicken breading ideas so you can make your fried chicken crispy, crunchy, and incredibly delicious:

This fried chicken recipe is buttered and served with a butter gravy, too.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana
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1 Roll it in flour then butter it.   

All coatings of fried chicken need to be seasoned. That's what gives it more flavor apart from the chicken flavor! To level up even the simplest fried chicken recipe, why not dunk these otherwise simple fried chicken pieces in melted butter? Butter is a little salty and loaded with milky notes, and when melted, butter is a fantastic dipping sauce. 


This recipe not only dunks each fried chicken in butter, each piece is doused in a buttery gravy, too.   

Photo by Patrick Martires

2 Dunk it in beer batter. 

Fish isn't the only meat you should be dunking in beer batter! There is something distinctly flavorful, definitely delicious, and resoundingly crispy when food is beer-battered. While fish is a fast-cooking meat, you can imitate this by using thinly sliced chicken fillets or chicken tenders so when you're finally frying, the beer batter doesn't turn too browned or burn before the chicken is cooked through. 


Try this unique and ultra-crispy fried chicken using the batter from these fish fillets: 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 Use finely chopped nuts.  

Nuts may not be an ingredient you'd associate with a fried chicken recipe but heed our advice: you'll want to try these fried and nutty chicken nuggets. The nuts used in this recipe is cashews which are tender and milky with a savory-sweetness. Combined with the cashews is Panko breadcrumbs so your nuggets not only have that wonderful crunch that only Panko can deliver but the nuttiness, too.   


Photo by Dairy Darilag

4 Crush corn or potato chips. 

Everyone has a favorite bags of chips. Whether you love corn or potato chips, grab a bag or two of those snacks and crush it so you can use it to coat your fried chicken. The crispiness of the chips are perfect for creating that crunchy outer coating while delivering on the flavor. If you think about it, cheese or barbecue powder pairs really well with chicken so each crunchy bite won't be weird. In fact, since it's coated in your favorite snack, you might prefer these more than any other fried chicken recipe you'll ever make from now on.     


Photo by Patrick Martires

5 Roll it in your breakfast cereal. 

Just like you can use your favorite snack as the coating of your fried chicken recipe, you do the same thing with your breakfast cereal. Naturally, you want to use the cereal that isn't sweetened so it pairs well with the chicken. The perfect kind of cereal for this are either plain cornflakes or plain puffed rice. Both of these cereal, when cooked in oil, will turn crispy again. A flattened chicken breast fillet or thigh fillet would be perfect for rolling in your breakfast cereal. 


Did these breading ideas give you the inspiration to change your fried chicken recipe? We hope so! These crispy and crunchy coatings don't need to be strictly just for fried chicken either. Fish can totally benefit from these ideas, too, so feel free to be more inventive, more imaginative, and perhaps, more daring with your ingredients because that's how your recipes can become more interesting and exciting every time you sit down for a meal. 


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