Your Fried Chicken Needs These Gravy Recipes To Make It Even Better

You can't go wrong by pairing up a flavorful gravy with fried chicken!

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Fried chicken and gravy is the ultimate good-food combo. Here are delicious gravy recipes you should whip up the next time you’re frying chicken:



Homemade Chicken Gravy 

Nothing is more classic than making a gravy from the drippings leftover after cooking chicken. It's even better than just using broth because you can scrape up the tasty bits that's going to make the sauce aromatic and flavorful! 



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Making chicken gravy from scratch is easier than you might think!



Low-Fat Mushroom Gravy 

Mushrooms in gravy is almost as popular as mushroom soup. But the great thing with this particular recipe is little fat is added. In fact, the stock is skimmed of excess fat and only two tiny teaspoons of butter is used. The gravy is still just as delicious and addictive as any other but you won't feel as guilty having this version on the table. 



Pair this healthy version of gravy with baked chicken.



Mustard Gravy 

Any fried food will benefit with a little gravy on the side. Gravy not only adds another layer of flavor to a dish, it's can actually enhance the flavors of a dish. That's why there's more than one recipe for gravy and this mustard version not only goes great with the bangus loaf it originally is paired off with, the tangy mustard gravy is just as wonderful when served with fried chicken, too. 



Love rellenong bangus? Try this updated version!



Cream Gravy 

This is one of the most creamy gravy you will ever taste. It's an Alfredo sauce that's upgraded with mushrooms and made even creamier with a cheese spread that will have any one licking their lips after each bite. Switch out the pork chops with chicken pieces and this is the making of a fantastic, creamy fried chicken dinner that's fit for date night. 



Creamy alfredo sauce is topped over pork chops for a simple yet satisfying meal.



White Pepper Gravy 

Peppercorns have a wonderfully sharp flavor that's a great complement to the subtle flavor of milk so it's no wonder that both are common ingredients in gravy. Let the two flavors be the star of the gravy and you'll get a creamy version with a subtle hint of spice that pairs well with the saltiness of fried chicken. 



Make sure your pan is hot when searing thin strips of beef steak!


With all these gravy recipes at your fingertips, you'll never run out of flavorful sauces to pair with your fried chicken meal. 


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Dig into tender fried chicken smothered in a tasty garlic cream sauce!


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Take fried chicken to a whole new level and cook it in this rich cream sauce.

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