Crispy Fried Fish Fillet Recipes That Are Easy To Make

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Anyone who loves fish will agree that fish fillets make preparing and cooking fish so much easier. There's no need to do the dirty work of gutting the fish, removing fish scales and skin, and plucking out fish bones. 

Fish is naturally easy to cook and can be simply steamed, fried, or even left raw if it's fresh enough. If you love fish fillets, you might also love it when these fillets are coated in breadcrumbs to make super crispy and satisfying meals.

Are you a fan of fish fillets? Here are fish fillet recipes to try: 

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1 Buttermilk Fried Fish Fillet Recipe 

When you think of crispy food, you might think fried chicken and so would many other people. If you too think like this, then you'll be delighted to know that even tender flaky fish fillet can be treated like fried chicken. These fish fillets are dunked in homemade buttermilk before being coated in flour and fried. The lemon slices add to the texture and flavor pairing of this delicious meal.    


Photo by Majoy Siason
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2 Easy Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe 

Black vinegar from China and sugar create the sweet and sour sauce of this simple fish fillet recipe. A quick toss in egg whites and flour makes the crisp coating that the sweet and sour sauce eagerly absorbs for that delicious bite. Use cream dory or tilapia fillets for these easy recipes.

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3 Crunchy Fish Fillet Sandwich Recipe 

Skip the rice! Make a sandwich with crunchy fish fillets! This awesome homemade recipe of the fast food version is going to inspire you to stay put and enjoy your meals at home, complete with the same kind of meal if you ordered for delivery. Plus, your fish fillet stays crisp since you get to eat it minutes after cooking it instead of having to wait an hour for it to arrive on your doorstep.   

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4 Peanut-Crusted Lapu-Lapu Fillet Recipe 

Peanuts give these fish fillets a decidedly nutty, flavorful, and slightly sweet crust. Fry these coated fish fillets over low to medium heat so the peanuts don't brown too quickly and burn before the fish is cooked through. 

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5 Crunchy Fish Fingers Recipe 

Potato chips make a fantastic substitute for breadcrumbs and since it's naturally crisp, these fish fingers benefit from that crunch on the outside. Pair with this simple tartar sauce made from yogurt for a delicious and refreshing meal.    


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6 Crispy Fish Fillets With Tartar Sauce Recipe

It may not be a surprise that breadcrumbs are not the only kind of crumbs you can use to make crispy food. For this recipe, crackers are crushed until fine and used in place of breadcrumbs, so there's no need to hunt down stale bread again. Plus, the delicious tartar sauce is a fantastic way of making this fish and chips-like meal super creamy and delicious without the harsh tang of vinegar.   


Photo by Courtesy of Filipino Favorites 2 (2014)

7 Galunggong Fish and Chips Recipe

The galunggong or the mackerel scad is usually used for paksiw, ginataan, or other simple recipes. Why not elevate the status of this humble fish to become crispy and delicious in this relatively simple recipe, too? Just prepare your galunggong right and these fish fingers can be your new favorite way of enjoying this affordable fish.    



You can use any type of fish fillets that you like for these recipes! Be it the big and meaty cream dory fillets, slender tilapia fillets, or the more prized and extra-thick slab of halibut, haddock, or cod that is used for the original fish and chips recipes. 


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