5 Fried Desserts That Don't Require Ovens

Bookmark these fried no-bake dessert recipes for days when you need a quick sweet treat.

No-bake desserts are complete game-changers in the world of home cooking: they are quick, easy, and require less prep. For those days in the kitchen when you don't feel like cranking up the heat in the oven, give these fried dessert recipes a go! 


1  Cinnamon Sugar Cake Doughnuts

Keep it simple: soft, cakey doughnuts are everyone's favorite merienda.




2  Funnel Cake

Here's a pro tip for making neat, golden brown funnel cakes: use a squeeze bottle.



3  Churros

Watch how to make crunchy churros with a smooth chocolate dip with this easy-to-follow video tutorial.  



4  Kiwi and Banana Fritters

Use local saba to make a dessert worth that second serving.



5  Mango Candied Walnut French Toast

Fry golden brown pieces of French toast and top with favorite flavors: fresh mangoes and chocolate-hazelnut spread!



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