Pork Cuts That You Can Easily Fry Like Pork Chops

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Fried pork chop recipes are universally loved pork dishes. These are easy to cook, easy to prepare, and best of all, these are almost always delicious, even if salt is all you added to the pork chops before cooking it. 

Of all the pork cuts, pork chops are almost always fried. Another way to prepare these is if you grill these or make them into part of your weekend barbecue feast. Any other way of cooking pork is usually used for other cuts of the pork.  

Did you know there are other cuts of pork that you can just as easily fry just like pork chops? 

Yes, there are! Pork chops are delicious but if you ever have a chance to change the pork cut you will use, you might want to try these other pork cuts that cook just as easily as a pork chop. These are:

  • • pork steak
  • liempo slices
  • • butterfly cut

The pork steak is just as tender, juicy, and delicious as the pork chop. The pork steak, also known as the blade steak or pork blade cut, is from the bonier part of the pork kasim cut (also known as the pork shoulder or pork butt. it is characterized by a sliver of bone through the fatty layers of meat and fat. This can be a tougher cut of meat but since you can treat it as a steak, it can be just as tender as a pork chop, and can even be simmered and braised until tender just as long as the rest of the pork cut.  

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The pork liempo or the pork belly is always a tender and juicy pork cut. It's all because of the layers of fat and meat. That's why when sliced into thin strips instead of leaving it whole as you would if you were cooking lechon kawali, the strips become easy to cook. 


The butterfly cut, also known as the boneless pork chop or butterflied pork, is a cut that's not common but is sometimes available when the bone is already removed from the whole pork loin. With the bone out, the pork loin can be sliced into pork chop-like slices. This is sometimes cut thicker and then sliced partially so that the pork chop can be opened up. This is the butterfly. This is great for stuffing with ingredients. 

Try these alternative pork cuts the next time you visit the butcher or meat section of your supermarket and see if you like any of these recipes: 

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1 Peppered Pork Steak Recipe

Want to have steak but only have pork? You don't need to go fancy to have a delicious steak. In fact, why not use a pork steak instead of a beef steak for this recipe? You'll discover that it's easy to cook because you're not stressed about cooking it right. (It's basically still a pork chop.) Plus, it's got a peppery sauce that can rival that pepper sauce that you love with your prime rib or steak meal, too. 

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2 Pan-Fried Pork Steak Recipe 

Pork may not be a substitute for beef but it's a pretty delicious substitute. When you need to celebrate but don't have the budget for a real steak, grab yourself a nice big pork steak that you can treat just like a steak. 

For this recipe, you'll need the same ingredients such as garlic, fresh rosemary, and some butter, so you can cook this steak right. You'll get similar flavors but at a slashed price! Isn't that something else you can easily celebrate, too? 

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3 Liempo with Garlic Honey Marinade Recipe

A simple marinade can turn any meat into a tasty and succulent meal. That's exactly what happens when this pork liempo cut is marinated in this garlic-honey-infused marinade and simply fried. The result is an easy ulam recipe that ticks all the delicious notes that you want: it's tasty, it's flavorful, and best of all, it's made with a pork cut that you love eating. 


4 Coconut Lemongrass Liempo Rice

Explore the flavor combination of coconut, lemongrass, and pork belly with this super easy recipe. All you really need is time to marinate the pork liempo slices in the lemongrass-infused coconut marinade and then use that same marinade to cook the rice in. The result is a double infusion of the three flavors in one fantastic and satisfying meal. 

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5 Cheese and Garlic Mushroom Pork Chops Recipe

The only way to stuff these pork chops is if it's been butterflied! These thick pork chops are stuffed with aromatic garlic mushrooms and gooey mozzarella cheese but you can certainly try using other ingredients, too. You'll just have to cook it a little longer than usual since the thick cut of these pork chops will need the longer cooking time. 


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